Holiday Season Musings

It’s officially the Holiday Season and I’m totally arguing with reality about it. img_20161205_101201502Christmas is coming right around the corner and the festivities have begun. People are busy. Shopping, partying, writing cards (do people do that anymore?).

There is an energy that quickens this time of year and it is often materialized and commercialized. But what about the deeper meaning? What is the deeper meaning for you? Is it religious? Is it spiritual? Is it about endings and new beginnings (as in calendar year). Or is it buried in a way that you don’t even know what it is for you?

For me, living in Arizona where the weathersky-palm-trees is still beautiful, it’s harder to get into the Holiday Spirit. I say Holiday’s because I honor them all. Christmas which is not only a Christian holiday, but the holiday of the United States of America and many other countries as well; and also Hanukkah and Kwanza. And of course, it feels important to mention here too, the Holiday of Commercialism, the Holiday of giving way too much and receiving way too much!  It’s the Holiday season of overeating and indulging. It’s a season of being either extremely over invited and going too much or a season of depression for so many.

It’s a time where loss is more aggravated, where loneliness is more pronounced. It’s a time where those who don’t have much feel it even more than other times.

I watched a video yesterday of a police department becoming Secret Santas – giving away $100 bills to 1000 people who looked like they needed it. Many were pulled over, some were found in shelters or thrift shops. Overwhelmingly the response was tears of gratitude and disbelief. It brought me to my own tears.  Here’s the link – the video was from 2014, but the emotional impact is the same.

I remember one year, my husband and I were shopping in a store like Dillards for a particular watch my son wanted that year. At the counter we met a young woman, probably in her early 30s or so. She was drooling over a particular watch that she told us she’d been coveting for months now. She would come into the store, look at it, try it on and dream of one day, maybe, perhaps having it.

A couple of threads of thoughts arise for me. One, what a perfect way to dream. I teach a prosperity course that involved exactly what she was doing – put your dream on, feel it on your skin and in your life. Look at it, get to know it, drool over it, taste it like it is happening right here and right now. So, here she was dreaming!

Second, while she was dreaming, she was also instilling in her mind that she could not have it, it would not happen for her, but she was going to continue to dream anyway! She knew exactly what she wanted and she was claiming it to anyone who would listen. She showed it to us, she showed it off. It was quite beautiful, full of glitter and glam and I recall.

In an instant my husband quietly suggested to me that we purchasimg_20161205_101411681e it for her. I agreed immediately! So we did. We got the sales persons attention and told her what we were going to do. I don’t recall exactly how it went down, but it was something like this. The sales person told her to put it on again, go ahead put it on. She did.  Then we said – It’s yours. The disbelief in her eyes showed up first, but only momentarily. Then she lit up like a Christmas tree. She cried, she yelled, she screamed. She jumped up and down, she danced through the aisles. She whooped and hollered for 10 minutes. She was stunned and she was definitely ready to receive!  She hugged us, she thanked us, she cried some more. She told us more of her story and hugged us some more. Her disbelief showed up again with wonder. Why would we do that for her, a woman we don’t know? Then she shifted right back to, “Oh, I don’t care! I Love it! I’m so happy to receive!”

That to me is what Christmas is all about. Giving from the heart, in a moment that so hugely impacts another. Her response then impacted me. It was brilliantly beautiful.

Juxtaposed with some of the younger generations, our grandkids to be include to get so much, too much. They are overwhelmed with the next and the next and the next. They have lots of family who all like to buy for them. I hardly want to send a gift, not because I don’t love giving to them, but because it’s too much. They don’t even appreciate each one because of the massive amounts. How can they even know what we sent? How can they distinguish?

I am not really offering any answers today, but I would like to pose a question that might positively impact your holiday season.

                How would you like to feel at the end of it? What are the qualities of being that you would like to embrace through the next few weeks (and beyond)? Who do you want to show up as? Present? Relaxed? Generous in Spirit? Or stressed, pulled, overwhelmed?

Notice your response and make a commitment to yourself.  Then make it your mantra. Put it at the forefront of your awareness and your schedule. Be that person.


For me, I want to flow through the holiday season as Presence and Grace; generous in spirit; to be love and kindness to everyone I meet. I desire to begin the new year relaxed, energized and ready to go. I am not waiting, but rather preparing the way right here and now.

In the new year, I’m changing my business up a bit. I’m shifting up the way I offer programs and who I serve. Stay tuned for the new, upgraded version of the Falling Into Ease programs!

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In-Joy and With Ease,

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