Give Yourself a Break!


You are not alone. You are enough. You are Loved.

It breaks my heart to see so many people, especially around the holidays that don’t know these basic and fundamental truths. I have such deep compassion and understanding for the pain it causes.big-rose

In my 16+ years as spiritual coach and minister, I’ve seen it all. I’ve witnessed the deepest, darkest, ugliest moments in a person’s life. (I’ve also witnessed the brilliant, expansive and joyful moments too, but those are easier to process than the polarity.)

There is nothing that you could tell me about what you’ve done, what you are thinking or what you’ve experienced that will cause me to judge you. I know life on this planet can be a bear. And I know how to guide you through to a lighter place.

Recently in one of my group programs we did an exercise that caused the women there to dive deep into that which has always stopped them. We followed the thread of what they thought it was to a deeper place, one that for most of them was entirely unconscious, they didn’t even know they held the belief that was revealed.enough-1

In the revealing came the releasing. In the releasing of that “thing” came the revelation of a deeper truth. It is a truth of who they are becoming, but not in the future. We then did an exercise to fully embrace and embody that which was being revealed.

One woman said the process “released a tightness in my chest and in my heart that I didn’t even know was there.” Another said she felt lighter and more in her body. Another said that it felt like there was a re-wiring going on, everything was shifting and settling differently.

What was it? The specific process was the specific process, but basically it is the willingness to look, see, tell the truth and take authentic action. It is the willingness to lay down the false beliefs and step into the unknown. It’s the willingness to look deeply at what you belief and unravel the beliefs that no longer serve you.

You don’t do that with your head or your logic, you do that by realizing the Truths. You are enough. You have had life experiences that have caused you to think and be certain ways, but it does not have to define you moving forward.

You do that by healing the less than places and entering into the Truth. The thing is you can’t do it alone. You need a spiritual guide because you can’t see what you can’t see. But I can. I see you. In your wholeness and in your brokenness. I can see the patterns, the cords that keep you bound up and I can help you release them so you realize a deeper truth.

If you are hurting and you are all done, so ready to move on. It might be time to call me.  I have three spaces to work 1:1 available now. Here’s a link to my calendar, go ahead and schedule a time. I’d be happy to chat with you, and see if we might be a fit to get you out of the dark and into the light; onto the path that will bring you joy, lightness, and more peace.

You are enough! You are Loved. You are worthy. You deserve peace and joy. You can have it!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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