Christmas Eve – A Re-Birth

Merry Christmas Eve

I’m feeling my own birth – the birthing of a new img_20161224_092731872layer of light from my core; raising my lighthouse higher, cleaning the windows and turning up the wattage. It’s happening with me as I allow. It’s happening through me as I get out of the way; as I step my ego aside and as I step out of t boxes of what I think something is going to look like. I make space for something else – bigger, better, more me.

I’ve been awakening my most authentic self for decades and it continues today. In the early 2000s, I spent a few years in the Priestess process, awakening and emerging that aspect of me and my gifts to the world.

In the early 80s I entered into my first spiritual awakening through the est training programs. During the following decade and more, I explored all different kinds of spiritual paths, workshops and certifications.  In the later 90s, I was immersed in my ministerial training and years of preparation towards that – a true awakening and growth process.

In 2010, I came into a body of work that was my open heart awakening, a deep dive into the depths of my own being to reveal and activate my spiritual heart and begin to live in and from that place; followed immediately by the Emergence process of my Essence.

I’ve been teaching and modeling all along the way that I’ve been awakening to. I teach by crating the opportunity for experience. It is not a logic or thinking or knowledge based teaching, but rather an integration system.

I’ve had so many births and emergences I’ve lost count. Now today, on this Christmas Eve, I feel another. It’s been forming for awhile, I’ve been talking about an upleveling I’ve been feeling and today it landed. It’s been uncomfortable, messy, unsettling . It’s been working me hard for the past few weeks and I knew it was coming, but didn’t know when or how.

Christmas time is a cultural moment, all set up for each of us to experience the birth of our own Divinity, a re-birth of the Christ within, both individually and collectively.

I woke up born anew. candle-from-sallySomething in me is deeper and taller, like the tree that broke through a glass ceiling – and kaboom, the pressure has been released, there is more light and space and presence. There’s more certainty and surety ad I can only hope more grace and kindness and compassion.

Why do I share this? Only to share, only to give you hope. If you are mired in an upleveling process it can be painful and messy. (Just look at our country right now.) In any breakthrough or emergence there is a letting go of the old; a morphing from one state of consciousness to another.

The thing is you have to do it alone and you can’t do it alone. fvl4b1gjpbk-mike-labrumThe spiritual paradox. While the internal process is yours alone – to go alone will only take you so far. You cannot see what you can’t see, the ego won’t allow it. The ego will fight for its life because is it its job to protect and it feels it will certainly die if you awaken.

In a sense, it will, but really it will only transcend and have its job description changed, and it has to, if you are on this journey of awakening. Turning to mush is part of the process; it is in the unraveling and dismantling of the old. Let it be. And Get Support.

Put yourself in the company of other and hire someone like me to guide you through. It will be the best investment you can make. Ever! I promise!

Let this Christmas Season be a re-birth for you. Birthing your Divine Essence of the next level of light that you are. The world awaits your arrival, your light and your Presence.

Merry Christmas!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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