Worry or Wonder?

Are you worried? Is worry a place that you know all too well? Or perhaps even if you are not a worrier by nature, you are worried about what you are seeing iworry-causesuseless-and-unnecessarysufferingn our country and in the world right now.

If you look at reality – as in the facts as they are presented by the media, it seems like the logical thing to do – worry that is.

Worry, however causes useless and unnecessary suffering. There is an entire chapter on Useless and Unnecessary Suffering in my book, Falling Into Ease. Take a look at it with new eyes. When did worry ever actually serve you? When did worry ever make anything different? When did worry move you into a place of feeling better?

It didn’t because it can’t.

Worry is not useful. So what if you shifted your worry to wonder?I wonder how this is going to work out? I wonder what miracles will appear in this situation? I wonder how I’ll be blessed in this moment?

Can you feel the energetic difference between the two?

Now is not a time to worry – it is a time to activate wonder.

Wonder brings with it a sense of anticipation, a sense of child like innocence, a sense of something good is about to happen.

Would you be willing, just for today to substitute your worry for wonder?worry-satisfy

But how, you might be asking. Like this. Notice that you are worrying about something. That worry has taken hold in your mind. As soon as you notice it, acknowledge it. “Oh, Hi Worry, there you are again. I know you are busy, but would you be willing to come out to play today?” Begin to make friends with it.

Depending on the severity of the worry, of how deeply it is running, it might take a bit of cajoling to agree to play. When it does, say to it something like, “Ok, let’s run with Wonder. What would Wonder have us pay attention to? Where will wonder take us?”

Begin to activate Wonder, wonder about why the sky is blue, or how the tree grows. Wonder about how many stars are in the sky and how we ended up living on this particular little blue marble ball of a planet. Wonder how your body knows how to breathe or if it is being breathed. Wonder how your hands know how to write a paragraph that your mind can transcribe into meaning.

Wonder why. Wonder what. Wonder. Look outside and wonder. Look up and wonder. Look into the future and wonder. Look back and wonder.

Wonder is a frequency that opens you to possibilities. When you are living in possibilities, there are so many more options that worry doesn’t even enter the room. What if everything is working out? What if this moment is leading us to the exact and perfect outcome for all of humanity? Wonder about your role, what are you being called to Be and do?

Then notice how you feel differently. Notice that your body and mind have opened up; that you are in a state of expansion instead of contraction. Notice that you feel better.

What if that is the whole key? Give up worry, practice wonder and be blessed!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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