There is Nothing Against You

There is Nothing and No One Against You nothing-against-you

This is a spiritual truth that often bumps up against what we think is going on around us.

When I first learned this idea and concept from the creator of the Q-Effect, Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons, my friend and colleague, I was intrigued and immediately attracted to the idea. I’d been teaching the principle of One power and One Presence for many years already, so I thought I had this thing down and that it might tweek me a little bit.

I had no idea how it would rock my world. I had no idea how much I still lived in victim consciousness. For you see either there is nothing against you or you are a victim. So, what about the pushback we are seeing and feeling around the election?

Do you mean to tell me that my anger and fear is making me a victim? Or are you saying we are victims to our democratic system?

I’m not saying either of those things directly. What I am saying is this.

 We have very little control over the events, circumstances and situations that arise in our world today. However, we do actually have complete control over what we make them mean and how we respond to them.

We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in the human condition. If we are here to remember our spiritual connections, no matter what your religious preference is, then we are here to love. To find love, to see love, to be love and that is all. Then from that place of love and oneness, we are called to take action.

Can you feel the difference? Taking action from a place of love and oneness versus taking action from an angry, fearful reactive place?

Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the electronics, turn off the news, turn off the input of information that is designed to keep us in a fear based frenzy to find your self. To find your own heart beat and to sort through your own reactions to discover a deeper more authentic response.

When I first come into the work of “there is nothing and no one against me”, I was in a situation where I was feeling very victimized. I wasn’t being seen or heard, I was being talked over and pushed around. I felt like if only this one thing were different I’d be ok.

Can you relate, perhaps? If only this one thing were different, I’d be ok. What I discovered is that I’m ok and that I was actually victimizing myself through my thoughts and reactions. As I was able to own the truth of my experience, I was able to unpack certain beliefs that I held to be invertible and yet were completely false, like, “I can be a victim”.

Now, to be certain, I am not talking here about those of you who are truly being victimed and terrorized on a physical level; I’m not talking about condoning bad behavior, I’m talking about unpacking false beliefs that we carry to reveal a greater spiritual truth.

The work takes you through a process of unraveling to discover and dismantle core wounds. It keeps you entirely within yourself and frees you from other’s.

What if in this country, this week, there is nothing and no one against you or anyone? What if there is no one against, but that each and everything that comes is moving you towards a deep healing?

No matter what. People are saying, “It’s ok.” Others are saying, “It is not ok.” What if both are true. It’s the spiritual paradox that can hold both to be complete correct.

There is nothing against you – the Universe conspires for your greatest good. The universe conspires for your greatest healing. What if everything you think is against you, is actually for you. That it is moving you towards a deeper reconciliation with Love, with Spirit, with your Self.

It’s true. Try it on and see what comes up in your awareness and consciousness. Pay attention to the reasons and excuses you have, the evidence contrary to this Truth.

What if this is for me? What might I see or learn or heal?

What if this is for me? Where might I stand up or sit down? Where might I be more conscious about my Being and my doing?

There is nothing against you – no one and no thing. That is the ultimate truth.

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In-Joy and With Ease,

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2 Responses to There is Nothing Against You

  1. Mary Lou Flores says:

    Your words are wise. It has been a tough week just trying to accept what is and staying out of denial. I don’t feel victimized but I am feeling fear….fear of the unknown.

    • divineawaken says:

      Yes, so many of us are feeling deep fear. Fear of the unknown. One thing you can do to overcome that is to drop into your body, present moment. There is no fear there. Then do it again and again. Find the space of fearlessness and hang out there.

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