Taking a Stand

Who are you and who are you here to be? It’s time to take a stand and to quit playing safe or small.take-a-stand

I just spent a couple of hours with a dear friend of mine, one of my spiritual sisters and colleagues in the world. She reminded me, as we always do for each other, that we are in a new time. A time of newness.

It is a time to take a stand for the Truth of who we are here to be. As women, it is time to come out even more – with our hearts desires, with our hearts, with our Essence.

As we caught up, I was reminded of the importance and actual imperativeness of souls sisters, of being with people who call you up and out in our awakening process.

I’m hungry for this and it is what is coming in the context of my business as well. I’m coming out more and more. I’m a spiritual being, a Goddess, a high Priestess; I have a personal relationship with Jeshua, defines me, but I don’t talk much about it.

I’m connected to a thread, a current of spirit that supports awakening and I know it’s real. When I tap into it, I feel it in my body and soul; I feel it in the cells of my being. I’ve neglected it recently because I don’t know how to talk about it. But I have to talk about it. It is me. It is my work in the world.

I know we are awakening, I know we are being called to something different that ever before and that the old ways of being have to go. I’ve done it before. I’ve been purged of everything unlike love and over time, I’ve begun to settle back into a “normal” life. No more! I am who I am and I’m not hiding it anymore.

I’m here to make manifest the glory of Love on the planet, I’m here to awaken to this new way of being; to a new dimension even on the planet and I will no longer engage in chit chat that doesn’t mean much to me. It is time to talk about our experiences, to make them real in a co-creative, conducive way.

In January, I’ll be starting a group – it will be ongoing, with a quarterly commitment. I don’t have a name for it yet, other than mastermind, but it’s not mastermind. It is a container for deep awakening, spiritual growth, to be witnessed and to be called up. We will release and clear the patterns that no longer serve, we will activate our Essence and the life of our dreams, but mostly we will be growing, expanding and opening to a deeper awareness of Spirit.

If this is interesting to you, message me and we can talk. This will be a select small group of people who want to awaken more deeply, apply spiritual principles and be successful in their lives.  For now, I’m calling it the Falling Into Ease Breakthrough Mastermind. I’d love to have you join!  Contact me.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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