Shedding Layers

I’m ready for a breakthrough! I’m ready in a no-kidding kind of way. Maybe you are too!

I’m frickin’ brilliant at the work I do of breakthrough and shift. My clients get breakthroughs, find peace and clarity and free themselves from life-long limiting patterns as well as crush invisible glass ceilings.

I just need to say, I’ve walked the path. I’ve been down the rabbit holes and come through. When my book, Falling Into Ease EASE Final Cover
was released in August, my work took off in another direction that I’m only just realizing the potential and potency of.

A few years ago, I was taken on a journey in and through myself; in and through the illusions of ego, separation and come through the other side.

What I found there was peace, love and fulfillment. Not like in platitudes, but in reality. What I found there was bliss

The bliss of being a non-being – of being full and free and connected to all.

The process was excruciating, the result exhilarating.

It was brilliance and complete in itself. It was an instant and eternity at once.

Over the ensuing years I’ve taken on new layers of persona again. I’ve added in a layer here or a layer there of protection or hiding or ‘don’t rock the boat.” It’s been a gradual process, I hadn’t even really noticed it. But as I contemplate this morning, I realize all the places I shrink or hide. I dumb down, I stay quiet when I could speak. I create a wide berth of acceptance and allowing of those around me, clearing space, making room, but I’m noticing it keeps me separate – from myself and others.

Not telling my truth, not sharing he fullness of my being has become my norm and I didn’t even realize it.shed-the-layers

I lose out and so does the world. I’ve had the experience of being talked over, of being dismissed, of not being heard or seen. Today, I take full responsibility for speaking and being in a way that I am heard, that I hear myself and show myself.

I’m in a 30 day challenge and commitment to share; things like this are being stirred. It’s uncomfortable, but its’ time.

I’m here on this planet to make manifest the glory of God. Here I stand touching hearts, with my presence; freeing souls with my signature process of clearing and healing; and transforming lives through coaching and activation of a greater purpose. It’s who I am. It’s what I do and it’s time to share more deeply.

My Activate Transformation Course begins tomorrow – there is still time to jump in! I’d love to have you! We will be identifying one particular area/arena/thing that we’d like transformation or ease, diving deep in experience, teaching, coaching, clearing and activating a new energy and experience.

If you’re curious, let’s chat! If you’re in – register!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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