Reactions and Responses

I’m feeling nauseous this morning – more than a little dismayed and disheartened.

I’m feeling off balance, like the equilibrium of the country, or world even, has shifted.

I’m stunned actually. Without words. I’m appalled at what my imagination is showing me is possible. My imagination usually runs in very uplifting and positive channels, but today, I appear to be stuck in a negative, fear-based cycle. I’m seeing apparent set-backs, hate, terror and fear; I’m seeing racism and bullying, disrespect and diminishing.

Perhaps it is the bullying that scares me most of all. For if we allow bullying, the rest of comes along. There has been a stand against bullying in the schools over the past few years, because it is such a problem.

What we have witnessed from the man who is our next president of the United States of America is reprehensible to me, the word appalling comes again.

The language that has been used against people; the judgments and dismissal of people because they look or believe a different way is incomprehensible to me.

Somehow this man believes it is ok to throw around racist and degrading comments. Somehow this man appears to be modeling something different than I want the world to be.

We have a granddaughter who is a senior in high school and she reports the rise in bullying, the rise in disrespect are tangible. That is scary to me. It feels so wrong.

My heart screams: what about love? What about light? What about the great strides we’ve been making in our collective awakening? What about working together for the greatest good?

I feel a heaviness over the planet today – a dark cloud.  History tells us that the sun will rise again. That we will go on ean that in four years we will collectively get to choose again.

Four years – that feels like eternity. I already miss and am mourning President Obama and his beautiful family, the best we’ve ever had in that position, in my opinion. They model a level of consciousness of love and presence and compassion. They are people I would love to hang out with.

Yet, we’ve elected Donald Trump to be our next president. It’s hard to even write his name. Donald Trump, you disturb me, you distress me, you scare me. You push up in me things I thought we were long beyond.

So what am I (and we) to do?

First and foremost, in the practice of Byron Katie, accept what is.

I have a list I was going to give you about what to do, but I can’t do it yet. So instead, I recommend this. Feel your feelings, process the hurt, anger, disbelief and fear.

Today I’m going to breathe spaciousness. It’s a practice I introduced in my book, Falling Into Ease. Breathe Spaciousness. I invite you to breathe with me.

Take a breath and notice where you are constricted. Just notice it. Allowt he emotions to flow. Sometimes breathing spaciousness is exactly what gives the space for them to move in and through you. Do not be afraid of what is there, just let it flow, feeling it all the way through. Allowt he breath to free your emotions. Breathe again, create a space. Bring your awareness back tin you; into your ehart and simply breathe space.

Allow the space to embrace it all. Find your core and take a stand.

Take a stand for love, for respect, for compassion and kindness. Take a stand for the world awakening. Take a stand for (not against).

Stand up and claim it!

This next stage is up to us. Those of us who are stunned and in shock today, we are the people. We are the Ones.

Somehow we pray for the awakening of decency, the expression of kindness, compassion for all. Somehow we pray for the global community, our world, our nation, and yes, even our incoming president. I have to admit I’m still a bit resistant to this idea, but I’m willing to do it – for the greater good of all. We pray for our neighbors, those who are disturbed and those who are celebrating.

I’m taking a personal practice of the Hawaiian prayer ho-oponopono Hoʻoponopono. I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.

For Donald Trump, for Hillary Clinton, for our media and political arenas. For my friends and family known and unknown that voted the other way.

Do not rush this process for in the pain and discomfort lies the gold. Feel it, mine it. Find those places in you that are being called up. Feel them, heal them and fear not. “Everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok, then do not worry, it’s not yet the end.” (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)

Choose Love. Choose Light. Be the One you are waiting for. The world needs us more now than ever before. Do not hide out, bring your message to the world.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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One Response to Reactions and Responses

  1. Sheryl Allen says:

    I believe there is a gift in everything and as a wise friend said, D. T. is offering an opportunity to look at the unhealed places within each of us which have been projected into the outer world. You are right though–reactions are different that chosen responses. All I can do is go within and ask ‘what am I to learn from this?’ Trusting in the perfection of what is no matter how it appears!

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