Pray Rain

In preparation of teaching the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute Seminary students tonight, I recalled a Gregg Braden story of Pray Rain.


Pray Rain. Let this story be the story of your heart. Even if you aren’t in need of a physical water pouring down from the sky, your soul is in need of something.

Gregg refers to this story in a couple of his books, including Isaiah Effect and The Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer.

For me, the interpretation is simply Pray Rain. During a historic and great drought in northern New Mexico, Gregg and his friend went out into the high desert to Pray rain. His friend stepped into a circle, closed his eyes and spent a few moments there. Then he opened his eyes and said, I’m hungry. Gregg said, “Wait, what? I thought we were going to pray for rain.”

“No,” said the friend, “I prayed rain – not for rain.”

They did not pray for rain. They did not moan and groan and stomp their feet about not having rain. They did not argue or beg or beseech a God outside of themselves to bring rain.

No, they stood and prayed rain. They felt the rain on their faces, smelled the storm in the air, heard the sounds of rain. They felt the mud between the toes of their bare feet. They became one with the rain in that they experienced it. In that experiencing of it, they opened pathways for the possibility of it. Using all the senses; see, hear, taste, smell and touch; using the vibrational frequency of feeling the rains – they prayed

And it only took a couple of moments. There were no big ceremonies or rituals in the story; just a moment of coming into alignment with rain.

Within a matter of hours the weather patterns began to change and the rains came. While Gregg was a bit surprised, he asked his buddy what was really going on. Check out a youtube video of Gregg here.

His response was essentially that the power is in the feeling. If you pray for something, it is acknowledging that it does not exist, and therefore can never happen. But when you feel the reality of it, it opens the door of the possibility of bringing rain into this world.

As you activate the feelings of rain even in the midst of the current condition of draught, you open a channel or pathway, a belief structure that allows for rain. Essentially, he made it welcome.

What is it that you feel is lacking in your world today? What is it, in your experience that is in draught?

Identify it. Is it rain? Compassion? Love? Connection? Is it Equality? Acceptance? Peace? Safety?

Whatever you are experiencing in these moments notice it, then ask what am I missing? What need to I have that is missing or lacking?

Then pray that.

Go outside, or stand up and feel it. Call it in present moment. Feel it with each of your senses – see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, touch it. Become it!

And give thanks that it is so.  Amen.


For me, it is understanding. I see it missing. pray-understandingI see the polarization of people standing so committed to their belief and spot that they cannot see the very real and equally valid stance of “the other”. So I stand and pray Understanding.

I do not pray for understanding, because that means I don’t have it. Instead, I pray understanding – I make it welcome. I allow it and draw it to me. I become it. I activate it. I feel the frequency of understanding raining down over my country and my world. I feel it washing away tears of hurt and frustration. I hear it softening the hard places and I taste the sweetness of compassion that arises with understanding. My body relaxes, my heart opens, my feelings flow in a gently, more expansive way.

I take another breath and notice everything in me is softer now, gentler. I see with new eyes and hear a deeper truth.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. There is no one “out there” that can or will do it for you.

In my book, Falling Into Ease, there is a chapter entitled, In the Midst of Life. We are in the midst of a thickness if polarization. Feel your feeling then get truthful about the deeper needs and values you have. You just might be surprised at how similar they are to the other side.

Pray Rain. Pray Understanding. Pray Oneness.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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