Life is Fragile

Today I sit with a heavy heart, one filled with disbelief and sadness. A friend and colleague left this earthly plane and his physical body last

Mark was a light, he was one of the most down to earth people I’ve known. I first met Mark in the early 1990s. We attended the same church and he was very involved with the youth programs. My kids were young, so we got to know him. He was amazing.

I went on and became a minister, and he continued his work in the ministry, eventually also becoming an ordained minister as well. Mark has been serving my home church, meaning the church that we both came out of years ago, as the lead minister. He is married and has a young daughter.

A few weeks ago, like three maybe, Mark went into the ER with headaches and the experience of not being able to make sense of his words. Last night he died.

My reaction was like being struck in the gut. Whaaat? This can’t be! Not Mark. He’s young, he’s vibrant, he’s a good person and he has a little girl! I argued with reality for a bit then surrendered into the reality.

Mark’s gone – only a few short weeks from getting sick.  I am such deep compassion for his family, his many, many friends and his congregation.

What can I do? I wonder. I know what I can do. I can show up in my life in the very best way possible. I can tell the people I love that I love them. I love you! I can stay in love and appreciation each moment and live my life to the fullest.

I can remember that life is fragile, that it is a gift and we do not know what’s coming towards us. We do not have any guarantees about anything, so why not relax, let go and love fully.

Loving fully in this moment, is grieving for a friend gone too quickly, it’s grieving when my heart hurts and it’s being with whatever is real for me in the moment.

When I allow my feelings to flow through me, I am washed with them, I am cleansed and I am freed. It is only when I stuff my emotions, or make them wrong or deny them that they get stuck and murky.

This is the only thing I know today. We don’t know what’s coming. So, instead of worrying about it, let’s enjoy every moment. Every moment of the wild and crazy ride we are on. Let’s expand and explore the possibilities. Let’s find ways to love and to support each other with kindness and compassion.

Let’s give thanks for this day, no matter what it looks like.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day to all of my friends, family, readers and to you! Specifically You! You are loved beyond measure. You are here to do a great and mighty work. It is time, the time is now.

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Life fragile and nothing is guaranteed. Take charge of your life today! Step into the driver’s seat, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for exhilaration, joy, freedom and fulfilment!

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  1. Mary Lou Flores says:

    Your words were so poignant and helpful for me regarding Mark. You are so wise

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