I See You – in your pain and anguish

It’s ok. You are ok. Even as every bone in your body screams, ‘No! We are not OK!” We will get through this. We have the opportunity for great healing as we deeply feel the wounds of today’s America.

As I’m processing, listening, writing this morning…. I’m asking what wants to come out from me today?  I want to reach out and create a space for those of you grieving, processing, disturbed, distressed or otherwise unsettled by the events of this past week.

I want to tell you it’s ok. No matter what you are feeling, the feelings are ok. Let them rip within you. Sit with  them, feel them, welcome them. For as they flow there will be a shifting from the trauma to something else. Do not rush this process.

We, especially as women have been told for eons that our feelings are not ok, not to trust ourselves or our bodies. Today, it is imperative to trust our bodies and what is happening inside of them.

We have to allow, to really feel, and then the very energy of theresistance emotions will be fuel for something else. We are not trying to get to something else, we are simply allowing them to the fullness so that they automatically transmute.

I want to reach those of you who are suffering and struggling. We spoke to one of our young adult daughters and she expressed such distraught and despair that she cried straight for three days.

There is something greater going on here than an election that did go the way we wanted it to. This is a deep soul wound that is being opened collectively. We have an opportunity first to heal these wounds on a core level, first for ourselves and then collectively for women (and men) of all times.

How do we do this? We listen deeply, not to the voices of the media or Facebook even; we get still and listen deeply inside. What is being pushed up? What is being triggered? Feel it, name it, talk about it. Bring it out from the depths into the light and examine it. What you will find is something that is old, an ancient, passed down generationally belief or pattern.

When we get down to the pattern, we can then begin to dismantle it. We can then begin to draw it out and as we do that, we are freed from the grip of the energy cycle. After we are freed from the trauma/drama of the emotional pattern, we are then freed to take authentic action, to be empowered in our being and have created the space to breathe more easily.

This is my magic power, my super power. I have traversed a spiritual initiation that took months, but now gives me access to helping you release, dissolve and dismantle the emotional energies, the subconscious agreements, vows, contracts and more quickly easily and gently.

Why? Because until we are freed of the automatic, gut reactions, we are only robots to our own subconscious and the events around us. As we lean into the purity of spirit, we discover that no one and nothing can be against us. That we have all that we need to live in alignment with our souls desires and intentions.

Let me support you! I’ve talked to so many who are distressed that I’m opening up a special 4 week program to process the emotions of this post-election period. Post-Election Process SHIFT group.

We will hold sacred space to tell the truth about our emotions, create ritual to honor them, support each other and activate a positive action for moving forward. I’m in the forming stages of this idea and would love to hear from you. Does it resonate? Would you like to participate? Comment below and I’ll be in touch with you about the details as they are forming.

Today, I’m  looking forward to what this enormous upset will lead to – I’m not sure what will happen in the world, but for the soul and healing of the unconscious – it has to be only good ultimately! It might be a long hike in the woods, it might be a perfect storm, but as we stand together for humanity, the light will overcome the darkness; progress will win over backsliding; we will collectively be part of a new awakening and upleveling of the planet. That is exciting!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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