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joshua-tree-10-11-108It’s confession time. I don’t automatically wake up feeling great every single day. Most days, I consciously move into an energy vibration of good or great even before I roll out of bed, but not every day.

I am known for my positivity, for my unique superpower for Falling Into Ease; for finding the silver lining almost before the clouds are even formed.

But sometimes, I don’t get there. Sometimes, it takes longer or perhaps even, it doesn’t happen in a day. Sometimes, it’s quite the climb up – like climing this rock in the picture.

What I’ve been challenged to do is to share the less than perfect; to share the less than silver lining in my process and in my life.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

My friend and colleague died last week and yesterday was the memorial service. Typically, I roll with the death of a friend with a fair amount of ease. My husband accuses me of being in denial or stuffing my feelings about it, but truly, it doesn’t phase me too much.

I have such a belief in the divine timing, in the eternal life and in Spirit, that I see them graduating and moving on.

I do with Mark, too. It’s just that his death has rocked me somehow. I can’t even explain it, because I don’t understand it completely. So, I’ll try, by processing here.

I feel saddened, by Mark’s death – it was quick and sudden. He was young and I’ve known him for about 25 years. I woke up with a sense of wow, he’s gone, I could go too. That in itself, was disturbing.

In the midst of his memorial, I was reunited with a group of my friends from back then – back before I left to go to seminary in 1998, I went back to one of the happiest and more powerful times in my life. I was happy, I had a vision and a goal, I was heading off to become a Unity minister – to change the world, to make a difference, to build my own legacy.

I’m a bit triggered, because I wanted that so much and still do. I found a feeling of “what’s the point?” I wonder if my presence makes a difference in the world. I’m missing a deep and ongoing community. Although I totally love our freedom, I’m missing aspects of an old life that haven’t quite manifested in new ways.

I have so much to offer and then I feel like I’m selling you short, I’m selling myself short. How can I bring all that I have to the table in a new and meaningful way? What is that even, I ask myself? What would I love most in serving the world?

I love the speaking and teaching and transforming work. I love the deep dives we take with the Open Heart Meditation process; the breakthroughs that happen in my coaching both individually and in our groups. I love the activation and stepping into lives of ease and dreams! I love my clients and the awakenings and transformations that happen.

I wonder, what is my legacy? What do people know me for? What do people say about me? I hope it is one of Love, Presence, Essence; that I bring a sense of ease, lightness along with deep change. I hope that people feel witnessed and accepted in who they are and inspired to be a next best version of who they are becoming.

I’ve noticed that parts of me I love have gone dormant. The High Priestess, the Goddess, the one that pays attention to details and beauty. The one who laughs easily and dances daily. I wonder what happened and when, but regardless of the wondering, I’m bringing back a fuller me!

How do you make an ordinary day extraordinary? extraordinaryBecome fully present to what’s happening inside of you. Tell the truth and let it out! It’s only when we try to stuff it down or argue with it that whatever becomes a problem.

Do something today that makes you or another smile. Do something that brings you joy – put on a piece of music and dance in your living room; call a friend you haven’t talked to recently; give a random act of kindness when you are out and about.

Tell someone who has made a difference in your life – what it was and how you were impacted. Big or small, it doesn’t matter.

And if you would be so kind, I’d love to hear how you have been impacted by me – my writings, teachings, videos or however you’ve known me.

Thanks so much!

Here’s to an extraordinary day!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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