Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a beautiful day here in sunny Arizona. I am so blessed! Today, we one of Rob’s daughters and her family will be driving over from Los Angeles. Rob’s brother will be joining us for dinner. My parents will come later for dessert (pumpkin and raspberry pies with ice cream). Dinner will be a feast and all is well.sky-palm-trees

The rest of our kids and their families are happy and healthy.  The sun came out again today.

People I’m praying with are experiencing healings and others are not. Life is precious and fragile (as I wrote about in yesterday’s blog, found here).

Take a look around your own world and see what you see. Can you find something to be grateful for? Yes, there is crazy in the world. Yes, there may be things that we can do, but right now, look and find something wonderful, something beautiful, something that fills your heart with appreciation.

The song “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”  by Jackie DeShannon, popped into my awareness today so I’ll share it here.

Put a little love in your heart. Love will wipe out fear; love will surpass anger; love heals broken places and builds bridges. Love yourself; love your family; love you neighbor; love the stranger on the news.

I’m grateful for you – my family, friends, clients, colleagues and You – those who I don’t know personally yet.

Happy Days!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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