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That’s what the world feels like somedays if I get too involved with scrolling on facebook or the news. There is something happening, I call it polarization of our country (and perhaps our world) that appears to be very dissonant.

Going to the dictionary and loosely using the very definition of dissonance, it feels inharmonious, discordant, unmelodious, off-key, cacophonous.

Sort of like the orchestra sounds during the tune up times, when every person is playing their own notes, their own tunes, even.

Then the rehearsal begins, the conductor stands up on his stand and raises his wand. First silence. Then the beautiful sounds in harmony, in resonance with all the other sounds, and it is beautiful.

It’s magical. It is the perfect depiction of where two or more are gathered and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

In the symphony the instruments are playing in harmony. They are not all playing the same note or the same melody. They each have their part to play and the whole is so much greater.

Think about this in our world today. Each of us is an instrument. Right now we are in a time where each of us wants our voice heard, so we are tuning our voices, we are getting louder and louder in the face of apparent opposing forces. Let’s say we are the clarinet. We want the clarinet to be heard over and above the percussion, the winds, the brass and it is nearly impossible during tune up.

But what if the conductor arrives – the concertmaster – Let’s not name this role, but seek it as a divine idea, something greater that we can all attune to. Something that will draw our attention from our own needs, desires and personalities to something greater – like the awakening of the planet, like love or peace, or compassion for all.

(Please don’t go political here, just stick with the analogy, even if loosely.) I don’t know who or what the conductor might be, but I know it’s coming!

The conductor arrives and everyone’s attention is one on this one thing – producing beautiful music in harmony. Now, we begin our rehearsal. Each of us has a voice, a particular sound, a role to play. It is beautiful in itself, but holy cow, when the whole happens in harmony, it is beautiful in a way that will bring tears to your eyes.

Perhaps we need to organize by section in preparation for the whole. Perhaps we need to slightly adjust our tone to be in tune with the greater whole.

When we are out of harmony, we are in dissonance. When we land into harmony, we discover resonance.

What is resonance – it is the quality of being in harmony. resonanceIt is a quality of sound that makes things deeply meaningful and personal; the quality of a sound being deep, full and reverberating. Or from physics: the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

All that to say, resonance feels good. It creates harmony in yourself and with others. So how do we achieve it?

First is a simple practice you can do with yourself. It’s basically the HeartMath method.  Place your hands on your heart and focus your attention there. Breathe from your heart, as if the breath is entering directly there. Then focus your awareness on appreciation or gratitude for something or someone. This brings the heart into harmony with the mind; or the mind into harmony with the heart.

Gregg Braden and others, including me, call this resonance. Keep breathing here for at least three minutes, longer if you can. Feel that your body actually changes. Coming into harmony or resonance affects you physiologically, physically, chemically, psychology and neurologically.

Yes, it is a complete shift. It can move you from stressed to blessed, from limited to expansive, from conflict to resolution in just a few short minutes. With practice, you will be able to make this shift on a dime, quickly with simply the attention.

In the world at large, when you see or feel dissonance, imagine that is the orchestra all tuning up at their own pace. Then call forth the conductor – that presence that will make sense of the cacophony. Lift your awareness to that which is greater than what is seen and move into a frequency of harmony, or resonance. Imagine it, feel it and become it. By being the frequency that we desire, change will come. Change in harmony with a greater good.

When you feel the dissonance, take a moment and find resonance instead. It will make all the difference in the world!  It works like magic. Find more ideas like this one in my book, Falling Into Ease on Amazon.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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