Feeling Disconnected or Wonky?

I’m the most connected person I know and I am feeling this weird disconnection right now. I don’t know if it is because my friend died, or the world looks crazy, or that I don’t feel 100% well, or I don’t understand or what exactly it is. But it’s weird inside of me.wonky

As I was sitting with that this morning, I noticed that I was trying to talk myself out of it. I’m rationalizing with myself, I have a beautiful life; family and friends that love me; I am living my dreams in many ways. I really and truly have nothing to worry about or nothing to fear. So what’s going on inside of me?

As I sat with it, I recalled a piece written my Facebook friend Mary Soliel, in her book, I Can See Clearly Now, “More of us are feeling a disconnect with many things, and this is causing us to take a deeper look into our life experience.”

As we so this we get to sift through that which is habit, that which is simply what we believe and dive deep into our own hearts and souls. When I was on my spiritual pilgrimage initiation a few years back, I was taken into a process that dismantled every belief, thought, pattern and feeling that I had. It was a process of surrendering everything that was unlike love.

This feels similar. As we are being thrust into an evolutionary shift of humanity, everything has to be cleared. All the disconnect, the emotions, the limiting beliefs – everything, in order to make room for pure love, for the new vibration and frequency.

I believe this is exactly what is happening.  So, if you are feeling disconnected or weirded out; funky or wonky, take a moment to reconnect. Reconnect to the earth, to your own heart and to others. I feel a desire to become a hermit, but it also feels like that is old behavior; we are being called to connect even more deeply with humanity, spirit and all that is.

So together – let’s do this! Take a breath and move into your body. Move your body, shift it, dance for a moment, stretch. Do something physical to call your awareness into the body. Settle into a still position and follow your breath. Breathe deeply in and deeply out. With each inhale, open to receive. With each exhale release, let go of thought and energy. Let your body soften and your mind quiets and your heart opens.

Drop your awareness into your feet, as they are connected to the floor or ground upon which you stand. Feel the connection between your feet and the earth. Become aware of sending your awareness down into the ground, giving to Mother Earth all that no longer serves you. Give her your disconnect, anger, frustration, or fear.  and feel the energy dropping from your being and being welcomed by Mother Earth.

Rest here for a moment. Begin to notice that Mother Earth is giving back to you, there is an energy coming up into you from the core of the earth – rising gently up through your feet into your limbs and torso. Notice the quality of it. For me, it is a gently nurturing, nourishing love. I have to be still, quiet and receptive to notice it. Notice it. Allow it. Receive it.

Feel this energy moving into your bones and muscles, into the organs and connective tissues. Feel it like a warm honey pouring through your systems, softening, nourishing, nurturing even the cells of your being. Feel it moving in and through your emotions; in and through your thoughts.

Feel it permeating, penetrating and filling all the interspaces of your being. Ahhhhh. Notice how connected you are to your own being and to that which is greater than you. Take another few deep breaths and before you move, place your hands on your lower abdomen to anchor this awareness.

Say to yourself, “I am connected. I matter to those around me and to the world.” Say it again as the truth of this statement reverberates through all aspects of your beingness. And so it is.

When you are ready – open your eyes and make the commitment to remember this throughout your day.

I’d love to hear how this is working for you. Please comment, like, share!


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In-Joy and With Ease,

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