Fear and Hate Live In You

It’s Election Day in the United States – a day filled for many with fear, hate and trepidation.

I woke up this morning in a place of such deep appreciation and gratitude. For one, it’s my granddaughters 4th birthday. This little one is such a brilliance, such a delightful young child. She is uniquely her, so unlike her 5-year old brother or her 7-year old sister. She is cute, and she is a little stinker at times. She has a brilliant and oh so very cute smile that lights up her eyes.  I woke up thinking about her and who she is here to be. Who will she become? What will she be and do and have as she grows into adulthood?

Then I realized it’s election day in the United States of America and I began immediately praying for a spaciousness. Praying for a pathway through the chaos, the fear and hate of today’s world.

I am a light worker and I am called to Be – that is Be! Be the presence and the light, to be a channel of love; to be love.love-presence-ligh

I’m called to release and surrender judgment, fear, hate; to release it from my awareness. Can you feel judgment, fear and hate as a sticky, icky, substance that covers our true being, that cloaks our Truth; can you feel it spewing in and out of the consciousness of our planet.

It is….  Sort of like many years ago when we finally took on air pollution. Before we addressed it, it was everywhere polluting, poisoning the very air we breathe. Before we took it on, we hardly noticed it. It was just what it was. We had a belief that there was nothing we could do about it. But then it began to be addressed; measures were put into place to contain it so it didn’t continue getting worse and then to clear it. Recently I saw a picture over Los Angeles from that time, before we had any air control in place. It was a dark nasty film covering the city.

That’s what we are seeing right now with fear and hate – it is a dark nasty film that not only covers, but permeates and penetrates the collective consciousness. We thought we had it handled and that racism and discrimination based on the color of your skin, the name of the God you worship or who you love were over. But no, this past year or so, we see more deeply that it is not done. For some, it looks like we are going backwards, but that actually, is impossible. What is happening is a deeper layer is being revealed for a deeper healing.

I see so many people I know who know what they know, and know who of our presidential candidates would be good (or at least not horrible) and that the other is absolutely unacceptable.

I can touch that place myself. Then I remember my call. I’m here as a light worker, I’m called to Be the spaciousness in which Spirit can move and flow and work miracles. I’m called to let any and all judgment, fear and hate burn in and through my system in release of, rather than spewing out of.

I believe there is a way through that which disturbs me. I believe we are in a consciousness shift on the planet and that shift is happening. I believe that the Earth will be ok in the end; that we cannot destroy it.

And I know in my bones that what we are seeing, in part, is the uprising of a new order – one that comes in and through the chaos. The first order of creation is chaos.

In order for something new to arise, the old has to first be revealed, then cleared. The clearing of fear and hate isn’t a gently sweeping like dusting the cobwebs off a corner of the room – it is more a complete and total upheaval of the very foundation of our being. It is pulling up and exposing the roots of the weeds – the deep-seated beliefs that we are different and separate and that anything unlike us is wrong.

I’ve been through my own upheaval. I’ve been through a microcosm of the macrocosm of what is happening right now. A few years ago, I went through what I’ve come to call my initiation period, I went into a dark, dark place in my consciousness. I experienced a deep depression. It was wrapped in a rage that I did not understand and could not believe was within me. I feel into a place of fear, terror even that paralyzed me.

I was in a process of freeing these layers of not only emotion, but of actual consciousness from my being and I was doing it for myself and all of humanity.

It was the most excruciatingly painful period I’ve ever lived through, and it was also the most exhilarating. This I know to be true. Purging deep layers of separation is ugly. Things – thought, behavior and beliefs that are completely unconscious are brought to the surface, often with an added layer of resistance, a deep resistance so collective it feels like death. If we look, see, tell the truth, it will kill us – that’s how intense it feels. And in a sense, it does kill us – parts of us. That is in part why we see so much murder right now, if you are unprepared for this level of initiation, and you come across a feeling that wants to kill you, it is understandable to feel like you want to kill instead. Again – we are not condoning, but rather clearing the unconscious behaviors.

Right now in our country, especially, we are in a deep process of awakening to love, to Oneness, to a new way of being and everything conscious and unconscious that is unlike love is emerging and erupting. It has to.

I am deeply disturbed by the fear and hate. I am deeply disturbed by the racism that we are witnessing even in 2016 – I am deeply disturbed at the lack of equality and the disparaging treatment of anyone who is “other than white American male”.

Yet even still, I have a deep belief in the order of creation, of Spirit, Source, the Universe. I have a deep belief that not only will we, but we are collectively awakening to a new order.

Do I believe it will happen this week or this year? It sure doesn’t not look like it, but I do believe in miracles.

What I do know in my heart, and mind and in the cells of my being is love will win. Love will surpass. Love will overcome. For Love is the foundation of our being. I believe that fear and hatred, even as they appear rampant now, will subside; they will be overcome.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

Be the light of the world that you are here to Be. Be the love you are. Do your own work to process through and surrender the fear and hate within you – only then will it no longer be the power of the times.

If we see it, we carry it. It is time for us, yes- that means fear-and-hateyou and me, to do the excruciating work of surrender. Look within and find the hate that you carry, find the fear that you still have. It’s easy when you are triggered by others hating and living in fear. Take that in and find it in you. It’s there.

Let it burn, let it out (in appropriate actions and non-actions). Let is awaken in the cells of yoru being and let it burn in and through you. As it burns itself out, you will discover a deeper place, a deeper, clearer, purer love and light.

If you are a lightworker and you believe in love – this is your time to get serious about the cleansing work. Cleanse your temple, clear the rubble. Dive deep and see what is still there. Do it without judgment – you have it, because you are human.

We can no longer gently shine a light and think that is enough. We have to dig deep and find the poison that we have within us, to release it and then and only then will we see the changes we want to see. Yes, it’s out there, but even more important – its within you.

Do the work, whatever it takes to transcend your hate and your fear into love. I’m not talking surface, I’m talking deep soul searching work. Yes it’s painful; yes, it’s humbling. Yes, it’s time!

This is what the world needs now. It needs you to do your own inner world and we will overcome, we will make the quantum shift in conscious evolution into a truer and purer love. One that is permeated and penetrated with a knowing on Oneness and equality; one that cares for and has compassion with all.

If you are ready, if you want to explore the possibilities of transcending fear and hate for all time within yourself, contact me. I’ve been in and through it and I can help!

Wake up world to a new day calling!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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