Deep Festering Wound of Humanity

The deep festering wound of humanity is being lanced and what is coming out is the pus; the hate, anger and fear that has been simmering deep within is being released.

deep-woundsCan you feel it? Something is stirring deep within the culture of our society that is ugly and it needs to be released.

What if what we are seeing right now, this week is exactly that? I’m seeing so many reactions and responses from the aggressive bullying that some are experiencing, to a quickening of a commitment to love – no matter what and just about everything in between.

Yikes! Fasten your seat belts, hold on and let go!

This festering, this infected wound has been opened and what is being revealed is nasty. I had an image of the Men in Black when the aliens morph from what we thought was a human form.

So what can we do? What can each of us do? We can feel the feelings. Then choose love in the midst of them all.

I was working with a client this morning who was feeling the heaviness push up and into her. She is empathic and has a history of being highly affected by what is happening around her.  So we allowed the feelings in the safety of our container. As we allowed them, we created space around them. She began to feel a strengthening of love in her core, saying that she felt taller and stronger. We then created an energetic cylinder of that love. We expanded it from the center of her body out beyond her body.

As her cylinder of love grew and expanded so did her self-empowerment. We continued expanding it out filling her room, her city, connecting with me in another state, enfolding our country, our continent and the world. Ultimately the love cylinder grew so that our entire world was within it. We held Love for each and every person on the planet, for all living things.

The love was palpable and proactive. We then brought it all right back to her and her family. My client experienced a profound shift in her energy field and in her mind. She realized, not with her head, but experientially that love is the answer, love is what matters. From this place of love she may or may not take action, but she does take a stand.

When we react from the anger, hate and fear we feed it further. When we allow the deep wounds to come to the surface and to find Love in the midst, we can respond with much more clarity and impact.

Do we need to take action? Yes. Can we stand for Love and Humanity in doing so? Yes! Can we see the healing process beginning even as we are deep in the emotions? Absolutely.

Take a stand for the healing of humanity, the quantum shift from a human experience of separation to one of Oneness and wholeness. Perhaps the ugly of today is the exact thing that will allow for a deep coming together. Look for the greater connection. Look with a larger perspective. Look with the eyes of Spirit.

If you need assistance with accepting where you are and/or moving forward, contact me. I’d love to help.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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