The Two Most Destructive Words You Can Hear

Quit dreaming, stop daydreaming, get real; you can’t do that; who do you think you are?

Have you ever heard those words? Did you hear them as a child? Do you remember what you dreamed about when you were young?start-dreaming-dream-big

I’m heading off to Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder LIVE event to deeply immerse myself in life principles for accessing and living my dreams.

I first heard of Mary when I was in seminary and her first book Building Your Field of Dreams came out. I first met her several years later and am pleased to call her friend and colleague. Mary’s work in the world is helping people access their dreams and begin to live the life they are here on the planet to live. She teaches universal life principles and puts them into modern, every day, practical terms for relatability and accessibility.

A few years ago, when I was ministering at a church, I began teaching her work Prosperity Plus. I have since left that position, and had a role in bringing the Prosperity Plus work to the online and virtual world, continuing to teach the course over and over again.

In the spring of 2015, as I was teaching this work, I had a dream revealed to me. It was definitely in the same thread that I’ve been visioning for a few years, but it had more substance to it, it had more specificity to it and it ignited in me something new and different; something more tangible and real than I’d been experiencing recently. As I taught this course to over 30 people I began to notice that the foundation of my being was changing, that I was living from a new level of awareness.

I became more open to what was – meaning more accepting of the life situation and circumstances that were in front of me; and more visionary. I knew in my bones that I would be a bestselling author, even though I did not have the first inkling of what I would write. I am.

I knew in the cells of my being that my work in the world was larger than I could even imagine at that moment in time. It is.

I knew I would travel more, I wanted to experience beaches in multiple countries. In the past year I traveled just about full time. We spent two weeks in St Croix, Virgin Islands, then 2 weeks in Hawaii, followed only a couple of months later by two weeks in Bali, Indonesia. How did this happen?

It happened through little effort on my part, but with intention, awareness, willingness to receive. What began as an idea, quickly became a conversation revolving around the words: What would you love? And wouldn’t it be great if…?  Then deeply listening.

We had been talking about going to the Virgin Islands and my husband mentioned it to our friend Kay. Within days, Kay called us and said, I remember you said you wanted to go, I know of someone who has a place there who would be willing to give it to you for a few weeks.

This doesn’t happen. But yes, it does. When you are aligned with your deepest desires whether they are for money or time or health or relationships or career, the universe conspires to support that vision. The challenge many of us have, is not believing, disbelief or doubt. We walk around like we’ve always walked around, clueless, in our own experience.

But what if… Just for today, you began again to dream? To open yourself to receive? What if you turned up your frequency to gather evidence that you can have what you want; that this is an unlimited universe and your hearts desires are the guiding principles. What if you listened with new ability to hear; what if you began to see with new eyes, eyes that see pathways through jungles; eyes that see possibilities in the midst of blocks?

What if? What if you are here to make manifest the glory of Creation through your heart’s desires? What if what you want is simply a doorway to a greater experience of love, freedom and fulfillment?

If you knew that to be true, would you be more willing to follow your dreams, to dream big?

Begin today to make the space in your realm of possibility for your dreams to come true. What one specific, concrete thing can you do today to start?

  • Play with “what would I love?”
  • Pick up a catalog for a course you want to take or a place you want to visit.
  • Recognize and begin to release the reasons you think you can’t. Unpack them
  • Immerse in a vision of what you would love to be doing/being if you knew your dream.

Activate your dream builder muscle with the innocence and abandon of a child. Imagine, play, expand and allow any thoughts that come.

When you access that which is within you that dreams or visions, you access a deeper part of you. By developing and working with this deeper part of you  – you Fall Into Ease.

Falling Into Ease is a book, (#1 Amazon Best Selling) it is a practice and it is a way of life. Falling into ease can be activated by realizing that you have dreams.

My challenge to you today is Start Dreaming! Add daydreaming to your day. Step out in imagination from where you are to where you want to be and Dream Big!

If you’d like some assistance in beginning to dream big – or for Falling Into Ease, come over the the Community, Join and Connect with me there!  I’m happy to help!

Here’s to dreaming!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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  1. This is a wonderful post, Aliza! I have some big dreams and sometimes I feel like I’ve given up on them. Thanks for reminding me to stay focused on my dreams in a loose and playful way while being open to receive.

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