The Right Shoes…

When the worst problem is that you don’t have the right shoes…img_20161011_103134564

I’m getting ready to head out to the Northeast, Cape Cod, to be exact and I don’t have the right shoes.  (Not to mention my socks and jeans are all in Arizona…) What is a girl to do?

First, I’ve been invited to facilitate another women’s retreat – this one sponsored by my friend, Ellen Carty and will be at the Unity Church in Cape Cod.

I’m thrilled to be heading there this week. There are 22 people registered and I get to co-create this time with the incredible Alicia Mathewson, It’s entitled: Soul Connections and we are going to be using the power of story to dive deep into ourselves and the community that is gathered.

I’m so looking forward to being in the northeast, hoping to see fall colors and enjoy beautiful weather.

Back to my shoes…  I was fussing about this the other day and then caught myself and realized what I was doing. If that is the biggest challenge I have, so be it.

The thing is I hurt my ankle months ago and I still can’t wear my really cute shoes, so I left them all in Arizona when I left for the summer. I’ve been wearing one pair all summer long, and boy are the comfortable. They support my foot, my ankle and therefore my entire body. I would wear them to the NE, but they are sandals and my guess is my feet would freeze. These have the right orthotics in them and wearing others hurts…  Whaaa…

Geez….  Really?  Yep.

That’s the best I’ve got today.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be back with something meaningful and spiritual!

Big hugs!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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