How do You Find Ease in Terror?

These are frightening times. Today (writing this on Thursday, Oct 7, 2016), find-ease-in-terrorFlorida is facing Hurricane Matthew which is predicted to be massive and bring destruction like never before. I just heard on the news that millions of people are under mandatory evacuation. That means they are getting ready for the storm of their lives.

Then there is the terror that is triggered when we think about our political situation. In just about a month we will have a new president. I know who I’m voting for and although this person isn’t who I would have chosen a few months ago, she has my strong, committed vote.

This isn’t a political discussion here, but look what happens when we engage the imagination of what could happen if the person we are voting for doesn’t win. Or look at the terror of the “other” candidate winning and what might happen to our country.

Or perhaps you are finding yourself in terror over a medical diagnosis for yourself or a loved one.

Hurricane Matthew, our presidential race and health might seem to be entirely opposite but terror is terror (except when it’s terrorism, which is an entirely different conversation that we can have later, or not).

Bring to mind something in your own life that caused terror, that caused a fear so deep you didn’t even know you had it. What did you do in the face of that fear? Did you lie down and take it? Did you bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away? Did it go away? Did you walk through it or are you still in the midst of the storm that is causing the fear?

For some it is the three things we’re talking about, for others it might be a financial situation or relationship challenge. What is it for you?

In my best-selling book: Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create A Life You Love, there is a section on Facing Your Dragon. The story is one of a man who was fearful of a dragon that lived under his bed. He had tried many things to get the dragon to go away and finally ended up in a psychiatrist’s chair. The doctor listened to him, asked some questions and concluded: “I think I can help you. My prescription is that you come to me 3 times a week for the next 4 months and I think it will cure you.” He gave his hourly rate and the man left. The doctor did not hear from the man again until many years later when he saw him at a party. Being the unusual case as it was, he remembered him and asked, “What ever happened to your dragon?”  The man responded, well I was much more scared of what it was going to cost me to come to you than the dragon, so I went home and made friends with him.

Make friends with your dragon. Turn around and look the terror right in the face and ask your higher heart, your deeper wisdom, what can I do here? What is mine to do? Then do it!

Fear on a physical level was meant to keep us safe in the days of true danger in our world like lions and bears. Fear has become a psychological rather than physical state and that can be worked with.

How do you find ease in the terror? In New Thought the acronym FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. If this is true. Take a breath, stand up, turn around and face that fear straight on.  Lean into it rather than resisting it. Often by looking at it straight in the face rather than trying to make it go away, the fear will begin to dissipate. You might be called to take some action, to have a conversation, to pack a bag, to make a change. If it is the impulse of your heart, just do it!

In the face of the political arena, stand up, look at your fear straight on and ask yourself what is yours to do? In the face of the hurricane, stand up, turn around, look the terror right in the face and take action. Board up your windows, take your most prized possessions and head inland.

There is truly but One Presence and One Power in the Universe and it is God and it is Good. Does that mean you won’t have life experiences that hurt or cause fear? No, but it means that you are One with All that Is. There is grace and hope.

It means that you will get through this! I promise. Together we can bless this storm (both of them) and trust in a higher outcome. Together we can stand together knowing that whatever comes, we can face it and move through it. It means that when we focus on the highest and best outcome, we lift our minds out of fear and into trust.

What would you choose to trade your fear in for today? Hope? Trust? Faith? Love? Peace? Calm? Let’s do it!

I hold you ever so tenderly in my heart of hearts, knowing that the terror will pass and the light of a new day will dawn.

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In-Joy and With Ease,

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