Finding Ease Can Be A Challenge

Isn’t that an oxymoron?   challenge

“I totally get finding ease in the challenge, but that finding ease can be challenging – that’s a new one.”

In my mission to bring a sense of ease to the world, in my mission to touch hearts, free souls and transform lives, I’ve stumbled upon a way to Fall into Ease – at a moment’s notice. I’ve been given a transmission for gently, easily and quickly dissolving life-long limiting patterns, clearing pathways and tools to activate the life of your dreams.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, in fact parts of it have been excruciating difficult, but it’s been so well worth the process.  Luckily for you, you don’t have to go through the exact things I’ve gone through, for the way has been made, the path has been opened and we now have access to a quicker, easier technology for freeing ourselves.

In my process of finding ease, I went on a spiritual pilgrimage that I didn’t realize I was going on. Back in 2010, I left my position as the Senior Minister of a Unity church, thinking I’d be heading out for a 3 month sabbatical and then looking at what was next.

Instead, I ended up on a 15-month odyssey of initiation and surrender. I answered a call that came as a question; Are you willing to serve creation? My immediate answer was YES! It was followed by a statement, challenge, warning even – Ok, then you will be asked to surrender everything.

Little did I know what that meant in those first moments. I simply said, I’m in!

I had had an experience of such turning inside out, of my heart exploding and dismantling. I fell into a state of Bliss unlike any other I’d ever experienced. My life was transformed in a moment and then began a complete unraveling of everything I knew in every arena.

My relationships changed, my work changed. I was called to, and responded to leaving my job, my professional organization, my home and my relationship ended. I was catapulted into a process of surrendering all emotions that were unlike love. What that meant for me what everything unlike love was being pulled up and out of me like the ripping off of a bandage, or the jackhammering of concrete or any variation between the two images.

It was the most excruciating and exhilarating time of my life. I then found my self surrendering all of my belief systems, everything I believed was pulled up by its roots, examined and discarded.

What I was left with was nothing. No belief, no emotion, no thought, no preference. I also had no home, no job, no clients, no advance direction. I could not think nor make any decision; I could not plan nor make any sort of commitment. It was an undoing and untethering from society norms.

What I had, however, was complete and total contentment, peace, fulfillment. I was divinely guided in each and every moment, to the next moment. I experienced divine appointments, synchronicities, and miracles.

Through my willingness to go deep and to not run away, I was cleared of the systemic sense of separation that our planet exists in. I entered into an experience, then integration of Oneness; Oneness with myself, God/Spirit/Creation/Universe; with others near and far.

I find that I don’t talk about it much because people don’t understand the language; in fact, there is no language for the experience. None of it was personally directed, none of it was logical nor thought out by me.

I share this now, however to say, Yes, there is challenge in falling into ease; it takes a willingness to do it different; to lay down your stress and the stories you have around it. It takes a willingness to unpack the reasons and excuses you currently have about not being in ease.

It takes a re-wiring of your entire structure of knowing to make the shift. And the shift is this: What if it could be easier? Your life? Your challenging situation or circumstance? What if you could find ease in the midst of it? Would you be willing to try?

Would you be willing to commit to a better way? Even if it costs you letting go of your stories, your programmed reactions, your victim mentality? Would you?

If so, come along! It is actually quite easy to fall into ease. Join in the Five Day Falling Into Ease Challenge and try it on! I promise you, you will find a piece that will lead to peace! I promise you it can be done and you can do it!

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