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Want to up-level your baseline for receiving good?  Craving daily support?  Ready to Mastermind your way to greater Success, Abundance and Love?

Recently I was at a women’s business retreat talking a lot about our set points for receiving good and money. We were talking about the words wealthy and rich.  What I noticed is that so many of us, while we would love to receive more and have a greater flow of money, we don’t want to claim it.  It feels dirty or not for us.  Or there is something there around having more than I need.

It got me thinking in a new way. First I will out myself, I would love to be a millionaire!  Oh that took some work over the past year to even be able to say.  I still have voices in my head saying, oh you don’t need that much.  Who do you think you are?  Why would you want to do that?  It will take so much work.  I don’t want that much responsibility.

Do any of these statements ring true for you?  Do you do the same?

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I teach a prosperity class that is wrapping up this week and the next one doesn’t begin until June 6 and/or June 7.  You can find out more about that course here.  (Prosperity)  Some of the people in that course are flying high and doing great!  Others are struggling a bit with the change of consciousness.  Either way, I wanted to create an ongoing support for them.  And YOU!

Prosperity and abundance are such important aspects of our lives.  It actually allows us to live better lives and do more good in the Universe.  In the prosperity courses we teach that abundance comes in all forms including health, vocation, relationship and time and money freedom.  All of that is important and expansive and really yummy and validating and powerful.  Now, it’s time to claim Money!  Money is a tool that we learn how to use, make friends with and master.  Most of our money issues are really founded in our mindset.  When we change our mindset, everything else changes.

Therefore the name of this 90 day program:  Millionaire Mindset Mastermind. Let’s move into a millionaire mindset together.  Do I promise that we will all become millionaires in 90 days.  No, although I’m not opposed to the idea.  But what I do promise is that your mindset around money will change, you will begin to see perhaps subtle or not so subtle changes in your mindset, consciousness and pocketbook.

Are you interested?  Have I got your attention? 

Here is one of my favorite songs by Karen Drucker, Money is Coming to You. Take a listen and see if you are open to Money Coming to You in the next 90 days, in a new, bigger, more expansive way.


In this 90 days, we will look at fundamental life principles, activate our expansion muscles and support each other when the gremlins show up.  Every day I will be supporting you with a tip, idea, reminder or meditation via either a video, an image or email message.  It will be different every day.

We will also be having 4 live calls – these will be Mastermind based calls where we each speak into our dreams.  There will be energetic support, perhaps clearing of invisible barriers and tons of FUN!

At the end of 90 days, we will have created new pathways and habits.  We will move into action and cleared the way to expand our abundance, success and love.

Sound good?   Sign up Here.


Want more information?   Reply/ PM me and we can talk…


Millionaire Mindset Mastermind

  • A 90 day container – Starting Sunday, May 15
  • A Kick off Mastermind Call – Wednesday, May 18 –
    • 10 am PT / 11 MT / noon CT / 1 pm ET
  • 90 days of daily support – energy activation, messages, meditations, tips, tools, etc.
  • A private support group.
  • Three Additional Live Mastermind Calls:
    • Wednesday, June 15, 10 am PT / 11 MT / noon CT / 1 pm ET
    • Wednesday, July 13, 10 am PT / 11 MT / noon CT / 1 pm ET
    • Wednesday, August 10, 10 am PT / 11 MT / noon CT / 1 pm ET

Starts – This week!

Your Investment:  Three payments of $79, or Only $222 payable in full.


Three Pay Option

Pay in Full

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I look forward to playing with you in the Millionaire Mindset Mastermind!


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