What I Miss Most About Church…

It’s been almost exactly a year now since my husband and I left Unity of Dallas as co-Senior Minister.  It’s been a wild, amazing, expansive year filled with adventure and tons of healing.12717390_10206968246698879_8522413224538170467_n

When we left that position, we had a plan, a plan to integrate out of the role over time.  We were going to take a number of months to move out and make way for a new minister to come to the ministry.  We planned to have that time to do completion not only with the leadership, but with the congregation.

You know what happens when you tell Spirit your plans, don’t you?  She laughs!  And she did.  Instead of having months to say goodbye to our congregation we were invited to not return with no warning.

There was no goodbye, no sense of closure. Abruptly we were dismissed and that left me with a hole.  I didn’t get to say goodbye, I didn’t get to tell them how much I loved and appreciated them, as a congregation.  I felt ripped off and I was not only angry, but very hurt as well.  I felt abandoned and betrayed and only imagined that the congregation was feeling the same way.

It could have appeared to them that we skipped out of a very important aspect of our time there, the closure piece.  It was not our intention, nor our doing.

So first, if you were part of that congregation, I want to apologize.  We never intended or meant to leave so abruptly.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive us.  Please forgive the leadership.  I love you and thank you!  Thank you for being part of my journey for two years.  Thank you for loving, accepting and appreciating us.  I know you are welcoming a new minister right now – please treat him with respect and kindness.

A year later, what I notice is what I miss most is the congregation.  I miss the apt audience.  I miss preparing each and every week to the best of my ability to bring you a spiritual principle or tool to put into practice.  I miss seeking and striving to put ancient principles into new language so that you could hear them and be blessed by them.  I miss working with the musicians to create a whole experience from beginning to end of the services.  I miss hearing from you about how your lives are going.

I miss seeing your smiling faces.

A week or so ago, I discovered Facebook live and did my first live recording.  It was great fun – only about 2 minutes long.  I love the fact that if you are live with me, I can see you and you can see me.  In fact, one comment that I heard was about how great it was to see my face and hear my voice.

That inspired me.  I’m now going LIVE.  Live...With Aliza 2In fact, I’m preparing to launch my newest program:  Live with Aliza.  It will be live on Facebook, recorded for your convenience to watch later, and I’d love to see you there.

The first baby steps into this venue will be a series of at least 4 live mini-connections.  I’ll be live with a nugget, or message or something yummy for you each of the next four Wednesdays, beginning Wednesday, May 4th.  It will be sometime around noon pacific time ( 1 MT / 2 CT / 3 ET).  I’ll be posting on facebook an hour or so before, so notifications will be going out.  I’ll also send an email to those of you on my email list with the time and topic for the day.  (Join my list here)

These short live chats will lead to an event, the first ever:  Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 6 pm central time.  Details will be provided as we get closer.  Mark your calendar now.

My intention is to connect with you in person, without being in person.  It’s quite brilliant, if I do say so myself and I’d love for you to join me, and help me get it off the ground.  The more the merrier!  And you can ask me anything you’d like!

What do I miss most in not doing “church”?  The connection.  Here’s the opportunity to connect again!  Will you join me?

I’m reminded of my favorite Rumi quotes:

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

I’ll meet you in the field of Facebook Live – Hope to see you there!

Much love,


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8 Responses to What I Miss Most About Church…

  1. Megan Doren says:

    Hi Aliza! What a great idea! I’m in!

    Btw–very well done on that subject! Atta girl!

    Love you! Mean it!

  2. Claudia Walker says:

    Aliza I’m in

  3. Sandra Lynn Pulley says:

    So NICE to read your piece above, Aliza. I think that we ALL pretty much felt “ripped off” when you and Rob were suddenly “GONE!” Oh, the “politics” of churches. That all is water under the bridge now. Let’s MOVE FORWARD.

  4. Susan Cline says:

    Love you!!! Miss you!!! Great blog

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