When Things Change… Well, things change

Did you ever notice the truth of the title statement?  It is either quite profound or very simple, depending on the day.

We recently had the incredible opportunity to travel to Dubai and Bali on a Spiritual Pilgrimage with 60 of our new best friends.  It was amazing, profound and quite transformational.3d804acf482d6ae1a4261b153509821a 12717390_10206968246698879_8522413224538170467_n 70a8ef02071e9c6bcf3689214657f6b4

So much so, in fact, that I didn’t have anything to say when I returned.  There was too much and so much of it wasn’t easy to put into words. So, I’ve been giving my self the space and permission to lay low, until Spirit spoke again and said, Go.

Today, Go, was the word.  Go, as in write an article, change up your About page on your website then Quit. Stop, don’t push the river. Allow only that which is wanting to be birthed to be birthed at it’s own rate.

Some of you who know me, know I like to push a teeny, tiny little bit.  I love receiving the Divine Idea and then working my hiney off to make it happen, instead of the much easier route of allow it to germinate, percolate and then be birthed.

One of the most profound things that happened for me in Bali was the complete and total dismantle of the structure we call time.  I happened, in part because I’ve been leaning towards it, slipping into an awareness of time as an illusion and structure of humanity.  It happened in part because we were in a 15 hour time difference from home and my mind just couldn’t navigate the reality of that.What Happens WhenTime Collapses-

I spoke to a friend of mine one afternoon when I was taking a break in my amazing, beautiful, luxurious suite in Bali.  I happened to ask her what time it was – then I had to ask what day is was.  In a way that tickled my funny bone, she said its 9 pm on Tuesday.  Where I was, it was 2 pm on Wednesday.  I was definitely in the future as I was practicing being in the present moment.

My husband was interested in the Super Bowl game that was being played while we were gone.  So on that Monday morning in Bali, he got on the internet to find out who one the game the night before.  In response to his request to Siri, “Who won the game?”  She responded:  “The score is zero-zero.”  What???  Oh, we are in the future and the game only just began although it was played yesterday.

Do you feel how this type of thinking will make your logical mind crazy?  So, I allowed – (I actually couldn’t do anything about it anyway, so allowed is not exactly it either…) time to collapse.

Now, in having been back over a month already, everything is different.  Everything in my mind and life are quieter, more relaxed, sweeter and more serene.  It is quite profound and again, the words don’t do the experience justice.

Feel with me a sense of timelessness, especially if you are super busy right now.   Take a moment to sink into a space below time and discover timeless.  It is rich with possibility, filled with a juicy, yummy, palpable sense of fun and delight.  Can’t find it yet – try again.

Sink into it.  Allow time and the tasks of the day to slip away, if only for a moment.  When you land there – everything changes.  Priorities shift and change.  Stress and worry disappear.  Peace and ease and calm appear along with delight and inspiration.

Know the truth, when everything changes, everything changes.  What would you like to change right now?  A life situation or circumstance?  Or your reactions to it?


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