When the World Goes Topsy-Turvy

Is your favorite expression, “Hold on” or “Let go?”  Sometimes I have to say them at the same time.  Fasten your seat belt, hold on and let go.  The question came up today, how do you do both at the same time?Fasten Your Seat Belt,

Hold on to your wits, to Spirit, to your inner center.  Hold on to your faith and trust in the Universe and in the good of all people.

Let go of your need to control.  I know, I know… that is the hardest of all sometimes.  Let go of any need for anyone other than you to be different, or act differently than they are right now.  Let go of your anger and fear; your worry and anxiety.  I know, really, if you could do that you wouldn’t be reading this!

Fasten your seat belt.  Keep a focus on the daily routines of meditation, prayer, affirmation, and taking good care of yourself.  Fastening your seat belt prepares you for a ride, perhaps a wild roller coaster ride, or maybe a kiddie gentle swing ride.  Fastening your seat belt tells the universe you are indeed ready for an adventure!

Tie them all together and let’s go!

Let go of what you though might happen and hold onto your humor and love, fasten the seat belt of anticipation in a good way!  Wonder what might come?  Wonder with awe about the connections you will be making and how unexpected blessings might occur.  Open your eyes to ways that you can be a blessing and that the universe supports you.

Face the fears that arise, embrace them like you embrace the top of the roller coaster ride.  Release the anger or resentments; the resistance and step fully into your life!

Know that no one, actually, will get out of this life alive, so you might as well go for your dreams.  Let the topsy-turvy moments give you permission to look differently, to see with new eyes options and possibilities.

What if…  What if this was the best thing that ever happened to you and for you? What if this is the exact thing that causes you to say No more, to the limits you’ve been living in? What if, this unsettling thing is freeing your foundation to break free and go in an entirely different direction.

What I know to be true is Love is present, God is good, and all things will bring blessings in the end.  Pay attention to what juices you, what brings you to awe and wonder, what brings you joy and excitement.

Hold on to those qualities.  Pay attention also to those things that drain your energy and life force.  Let go of those things!

Ready? Set? Let’s go!  Let’s take this topsy-turvy ride that the world is giving us and find the center point, find the point of catapulting forward.  Let’s enjoy the ride, get support when it sucks, and always, always keep your eye on your dreams.

Much love, in a topsy-turvy kind of way!


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