The Maze Called Life

My grandchildren and I were working mazes recently, the ones on the restaurant placemats for kids.   For a minute it was fun for them, then they hit a block and couldn’t get through.  Try again and hit another block.  Done.  One way that we came upon was to run them backwards from the end goal back to the starting point.  That seemed to work better, at least for one of them.

I myself much prefer the labyrinth to a maze any day.  It feeLife is either a Maze orAHHH-Mazing!ls similar with twists and turns, but I know I won’t get lost or blocked while still having an adventure.  My husband and I are moving forward with a pretty big decision and the process this week certainly feels like a maze.

We gain momentum with a degree of certainty and move in one direction, let’s call in north. Then a phone call comes in and we are suddenly moving southwest, then another, oh no, now we are going east.

When you live like we do, by the impulse of creation or the guidance of Spirit and it keeps changing so quickly and frequently, it can be a little nerve wracking.

However, if you truly follow the openings and allow the winds of change to blow with a clear intention in mind, all of the changes are part of the process or adventure or maze of life.

Think about sailing.  If the desired destination is straight ahead, the journey will still take switch backs, tacking to the right and then to the left.  The eye remains on the goal, but the front of the boat does not.

When we begin to create a masterpiece there will invariably be surprises along the way.  If you are a painter, and a blob of paint shows up on your canvas unexpectedly, you can step back, look at it with new eyes and see what is wanting to be revealed.

This is our life right now.  See my recent posts in a similar nature:  “When the World Goes All Topsy-Turvey,” “The Backside of Generosity,”  and “Helen Keller and You.

We have certainty that this process will work out for the greater good of all involved.  We trust the eventual outcome, we fasten our seatbelts, hold on and let go as we soar through this particular amusement park ride.

      Take delight in these surprises.  Laugh and be joyous. You no longer have a need to             figure things out.  Surprises cannot be figured out. They are meant to be joyous gifts,         constantly revealed.  Gifts that only need to be received and responded to. (A Course         On Love p 396, 12.6)

You can soar too.  Move your trust to a greater than you place, to Spirit or Creation or your divine inspiration.  Move your focus of awareness to a further out along the timeline point.  See it al complete.  Call forth a sense of curiosity, wonder and awe at the creativity of the Universe.  Ask yourself “How can it get any better than this?”

Imagine being a year or five down the road looking back.  Even if you can’t see the details, you can see the maze and your successful navigation of it.

Let’s try it:

     Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Relax our body, quiet your mind and open your heart.  Connect your feet to the earth and your crown to the sun.  Breathe into the expansion for a few breaths.

     Imagine looking down and seeing yourself about to enter a huge corn maze, like those that pop up around Halloween and pumpkin patches.  See yourself taking on a spirit of fun, adventure, joy and ready for this particular game.

     Watch yourself take off into the maze. Going along fine – oh a dead end. Ok, no worries, turn around and try another path.  Oh this is fun!

     Notice that the dead ends give you as much pleasure as the open pathways.  It’s all part of the game.  In fact, the dead ends actually cause more laughter and enjoyment.  Feel the surge of energy and enlivenment this exciting game is invoking.

     Come to the completion with a sense of “oh that was so much fun!”

     This time allow the maze to be a particular life experience you are having, whether it is a challenge or navigating a decision.  Imagine this maze is representative,

     Observe yourself going through it with the same amount of fun and appreciation for all the twists and turns, dead ends and openings.  See yourself coming to the completion.  Oh that was fun!  We got through it just fine.

     Notice what you notice about the game and about the life situation.  Take a few more moments in the silence, then open your eyes

Life is a maze.  Follow your impulse and intuition to the best of your ability in any given moment, even and especially if it defies logic.  You are being led.  You will navigate successfully and you might have an unexpected blessing or adventure along the way!

Life is Ahh…Mazing!

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