The Backside of Generosity

We are giving our house away.  Fully furnished, totally equipped kitchen and linens, and whatever happens to be in the cabinets and cupboards.  We are turning it over in five days to a family with four children ages 3, 6, 12 and 13, that we met only days ago.The BacksideofGenerosity!

Why would you do that, you might be asking?  Did you win that huge lottery?  No, we didn’t win the Powerball, but we did buy a ticket!

We won, by not being touched by the recent tornados in our town.  Three weeks ago, nine tornados came through, touched down and damaged or demolished thousands of homes, several hundred within a couple of miles from us.  There are hundreds of families homeless, struggling to find a place to land while they go through the laborious and very emotional process of beginning again.

We have had our house on the market to sell since August, we are ready to let it go, although we love the home we would just as soon be out from the expenses and begin again ourselves.

So, we are giving (renting, actually) our home to a family in need.  It sounds so beautiful and generous, doesn’t it?  It is and it is.

Now, we are home-free ourselves and wondering where to go and what to do.  The backside of this generosity is not the “now what”, we trust the journey and adventure of the next 2 ½ months before we can return to our Arizona home (it’s rented out for the winter).

It is the emotional residue and logistical opportunities of moving our personal items out, of deciding what we might want or need for the next few months.  Its considering that we won’t be back here.  The new family might stay 4 months or a year, or maybe end up buying it, we don’t know.

It’s so much unknown mixed in with so many belongings.  We are taking what fits into our car.  That is all.

The emotional piece is feeling the energy fields of loss and stress, of grief and fear.  Its watching and looking at the destruction and wanting to give it all away.  Its feeling the heart throbs and strings being pulled in witnessing people whose lives have been forever changed in an instant.

We are so blessed to be able to offer a physical space, but also an emotional and spiritual space to breath and to feel and to relax enough to find hope.

Our family came over last evening with their children and are so grateful.  The kids are excited and the mom said, “its’ going to be ok, we are going to get through this.”

The backside of generosity is that your heart might break wide open in compassion, you might touch another’s heart and lives in unimaginable ways.

You might just be changed at depth and perhaps catapulted into an entirely new journey.

Let’s be generous – of our hearts and talents, as well as material things and finances.  Let’s bring a generous heart to the world.  You will meet amazing people and see undeniable good!

How can it get any better than that?


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