Stress B-Gone Course

Stress B-Gone!Stress B-Gone

Reducing and eliminating Stress is listed as one of the top New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.

Stress comes in many forms and burdens our bodies with undue, well, stress.

Join this 21 day program and learn proven techniques to reduce and eliminate stress from your Body, Mind and Spirit!

Mondays Noon Central Time:  January 11, 18 and 25

What you will receive:

  • Three Teleconference Calls (Mondays at noon central time)
  • Time proven techniques each week to shift from Stress to Peace
  • A guided meditation:  How to Stop Your Mind From Spinning
  • A private Facebook group to share and connect with other participants
  • Exercises and practices that you can use to catch the signs of stress before they get locked and loaded in your system

Investment:  $97

Benefits and Results

  • You will discover how to catch your stress before it catches you
  • You will experience the place of peace and anchor it in your cells
  • You will learn how to live life stress-free – and it will amaze you



  • Three Zoom Conference calls – Mondays at noon central time:  January 11, 19 and 25)
  • Private Facebook group

Sign Up Now!  Only $97

About Your Facilitator:Aliza Walking (2)

Aliza Bloom Robinson, speaker, author, master spiritual facilitator and Unity Minister lives life to the fullest!  She is dedicated to Touching Hearts, Freeing Souls, and Transforming Lives through the programs she offers.  Her signature process quickly, easily and gently dissolves life-long patterns and dissolves invisible glass ceilings.

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