Helen Keller and You

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched –         they must be felt with the heart.”    ~ Helen Keller

Helen Keller

As I was sitting this morning observing life outside my sunroom, I see hundreds of birds, tiny black ones, grackles, perhaps, feeding on our yard.  They are noisy.  Every now and again the entire flock will lift off together, do a short flight and land again.

For some reason Helen Keller popped into my mind.

What an amazing life story she has, being born blind and deaf.  I have grandchildren, 14 to be exact, 8 of them under 7 years old, with the newest one being just 3 months.  Can you imagine having one of your children being either deaf or blind, much less either one?

Can you imagine being born into a little body, contained from the huge spirit that you are, not only into the small space, but into darkness and quiet as well?  It would be like being born into a tiny soundproof black box.  Yikes!  Even the thought of it is terrifying to me.

Then I think about the world today and so many people who cannot see or hear spiritually.  How many people walk this planet blind to the beautify all around, blind to the miracles of creation, blind to the good that they are.

So many people are deaf to the voice of Spirit or inspiration, deaf to the music of the universe, deaf even to their own hearts.

On top of being deaf and blind, Helen Keller was dumb, not as in intellectually stupid, but as in couldn’t talk or communicate with her voice.

Again, now many of us on the planet, struggle with being understood or understanding?  You know the cartoon depiction of wahhh,wahhh… noise and sound, but nothing there.

What would it be like to wake up this day to eyes that see, in a totally new and different way, to actually see not only the objects around you, but also the vibrational and interconnectedness of all things?  Open your eyes.

Open your inner eyes, your third eyes and look closely.  Look and see in ways you haven’t before.  Try this practice:

Close your eyes and prepare to see differently. Open your eyes and choose something to gaze at.  It could be looking outside at plants or trees, grass or the sky.  It could be looking around your room.  Look at every detail then look again.  What else can you notice about what you are seeing?  Become curious and activate awe and wonder.  Keep looking for several minutes.  Then close your eyes again and notice what you notice.

How would you be different if you activated your spiritual enhanced hearing?  Perhaps you would hear the need beneath the words, perhaps the wounding beneath the complaints.  You might be able to listen to the vibrational patterns hidden deep beneath the speech.  You might even begin to activate heart listening, hearing the hearts of others, speaking to your heart.

Try this practice:

Go into a room with sounds.  It could be a mall, or your office conference room.  Sit down, close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so and prepare to heal.  Either with your eyes opened or closed, begin to listen.  Then go deeper and really hear.  Let the sounds play, as if you are hearing an orchestra. Can you begin to identify individual sounds, can you hear the intentions and vibrations beneath them?  Close your eyes and notice what you notice.

Imagine now activating a newly found capacity to speak and communicate in a way that you are heard and understood, in a way that you are seen and valued.  Using your new found skills of seeing and hearing, do you show up differently?  Can you stay more present to the moment?

Like Helen Keller, you can learn to navigate in this world in a more beautiful and enhanced manner.  Unlike Helen Keller, you also can activate and cultivate deeper layers and skills of seeing and hearing.

The master teacher, fondly called, The Nazarene said: “Blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for they hear.”  Matt 13:16.

Open your eyes that you might see and open your ears that you might hear.

Open to Miracles,

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