You always have choice.  Choice is a spiritual practice that can free your body, mind and soul.Choice...

Choice is constant and delivers us from bondage to freedom.

The choice is yours; how to respond to what life gives you; what mood you bring to your day; and how you will move forward.  These are the choices we are free to make at any given moment.

The things we don’t have choice about are the things that happen, the weather, other people changing an event.  Choice is a mental and emotional practice as well as spiritual.

What do you choose today?  Making a conscious choice sets an intention for a day.  Today I choose joy.  No matter what shows up.  I choose to remain (or return) to the vibration of joy.

Making a conscious choice puts you into a driver’s seat, as opposed to floating around without a rudder.

Today I choose to be love.  To choose love over fear, to stand in my truth.
Today I choose gratitude or appreciation or curiosity.  Make a conscious choice and discover a freedom in choosing.

Let’s try it:

     Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Become aware of your body, scanning it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Breathe deeply into any area that might be tight or restricted.

     Relax and let go.  Drop your awareness into your heart, connected through your feet to the earth and through your crown to the Universe.

     Drop deeper yet to find yourself in a field filled with pathways.  As you stand at a point, see that there are several choices.  Make a choice, you can’t do it wrong.  Head down a pathway.  In a little bit, there are more choices, simply make them.

     Each choice will lead you to more choices.  For now, choose love or expansion.  Choose joy or adventure.  Choose awe or wonder.  Notice the places you could choose anger, fear or resentment.  You can look down those paths, or you can choose again.

     Imagine that this path of choice leads you to a big, beautiful opening.  In this opening is true freedom and self-empowerment.  This comes with conscious choice. Choose now to open your eyes and bring a sense of completion to this moment.

Make a choice.  It doesn’t matter what it is, make it.  Feel empowered in your choice. Do not be afraid.  You can always choose again.  As much as possible, choose love.

 In Choice,
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  1. Susan says:

    One of my mottos: Happiness is a choice, not a chance. Thank you!

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