So many of us have issues around worthiness, with life-long learning that we have to do or be something different than we are in order to be worthy.  I-am-worthy-Just-because

That is itself is incorrect.  What is more true is that concept of original blessings.  That you were born divine and remain divine, no matter what.  That your worth doesn’t come from anything you do or don’t do, but is an innate truth.

Simply because you are – you are worthy.  There is nothing you need to do or be or change in order to become worthy – you already are.

Can you imagine in your life, moving through all of the many experiences from a new and different knowing?  If you knew you were not only worthy, but totally and completely loved and enough and deserving would that bring a different energy vibration to your experience?  Of course it would!

Worthiness is not, however an arrogance or entitlement or expectancy over anyone else.  Each person has innate worthiness, one and the same. 

Consider a row of plants.  Is one of them more worthy of receiving the sun and rain than another?  No.

What would activating this worthiness do to your body, mind and soul? Take it on for a moment in imagination.  You never ever have to fight or struggle for anything again!  Competition against others is eliminated.  You know in your heart you can have anything you desire. You know what you desire.  You flow through life with an ease and great trust of the Universe.  Sound good?

Ok, are you ready to release once and for all, all unworthiness?

Think about it, feel into it, truly are you ready? 

Close our eyes, take a deep breath in. Connect your awareness to your soul, that greater part of you that resides at your core heart and is so much greater than your physical being.

Teel it rising up as you recognize the truth?  I am worthy.  Feel your Soul expand.  Notice all the other noise, reasons why no; excuses, blabber, et.  Begin to let this noise gather into a basket in front of you.  It might even be a cacophony of resistance.  Feel the rising expanding truth separating from the noise.  I am worthy.

As the noise is gathered look at it with love and compassion.  In your full worthiness, you can embrace the basket of noise without taking it on.  Bring it into your heart and notice how it quiets.

I am worthy – beginning to integrate this into all aspects of your being, let it flow, expand and become a new truth, or new foundation for your being.

Say it out loud a few times in recognition of the Truth:  I am worthy.

And so it is!

This new sense of worthiness is now embedded in your subconscious mind.  Play with it, remember it and embrace it.  It can transform your life and change how you react and respond to life in all ways.


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