The World Is Unraveling

There are so many crazy things happening in the world right now. The anger and rage as seen in the mass shootings, war, terrorism and senseless deaths. The-world-is-unraveling-The crazy thought processes as witnessed in the Facebook threads and political scenes. The natural events like fires, floods, tornados and others.
For many of us, the internal world seems a bit crazy too. We are coming more and more into light and love and at the same time being asked to walk through tough life situations. To take a stand in the face of intolerance and to be even more of all we are called to be.
Is life getting more intense? Seems like it. But perhaps what is happening is a true unraveling of all the ways, beliefs and systems that no longer serve our greater good. In that unraveling it appears sometimes that the crazy is gaining strength, but I’m not sure. It could be like one last hurrah, pull out all the punches.
I believe that we are being called to a greater love, a greater commitment to seeing the world as we would love to see it. To not give into the fear and frenzy that is so common. I’m not talking about putting our heads in the sand and ignoring the facts, but I am talking about putting our energy, time, conversation and awareness into what is working, what is happening that is beautiful and important.
There are so many things calling for our attention, but if we sink back into the basics, we can find our way through these times! There are really only two emotions. Love and Fear. Love-or-Fear-Which-doIf it is loving, kind, if is causes in you an opening and expansion, then you are on the higher path.
Fear, on the other hand has many faces, it looks like intolerance, disrespect, arrogance, war, fighting. Fear will induce in you a contraction. Feel into what you are feeling and notice are you open or closed? Are you subtly expanding or contracting?
Another basic spiritual principle is that all things are neutral. If you can find a neutral place, you will be better able to navigate an interesting situation or circumstance.All-things-are-neutral
Remember the story of the man who, when things happened to him or his family and the neighbors would say either, It’s good or It’s bad and his response would be. “I don’t know if it is good or bad, I just know it is.” There are other versions using the same philosophy with good luck, bad luck. His response in this version is simply, “maybe.”
Life on this planet right now, I don’t know if it’s good or if it’s bad, I just know it is. If we can eliminate our judgment and the very human habit of meaning making, we are freed to simply be in the present moment.
Is the world unraveling? Maybe. It is good or is it bad? Maybe. What am I called to be and do in the face of each situation and circumstance? Perhaps what is unraveling is the mess we find ourselves in. Perhaps what is unraveling is the false belief, the inadequate structures and the limitations of the egoic world. Be the love, be the light and trust in that which is so much greater than us, that is good and forever.
If there is something in your world that is unraveling, step back a moment and watch it. Become the observer and see the deeper threads. What is the unraveling really about? Is there something here or there that no longer serves you that is coming apart? Perhaps a belief system, a habit, a life-long pattern? If that is true, celebrate it.
Take enough time in observation that the sticky, wicky emotions settle down and you can really see. What are you being called to now? A greater love? A deeper, stronger light? Each time we unravel a false belief or old idea, it makes room for more love, light and truth.
Find a deeper truth and hold on to that. Is it good? Is it bad? No, it just is. Find the love, light. Be the one that brings joy and peace to the world. That is what we are called to do.
Refuse to give into fear. Trust in love instead. Trust in Creation. Trust in life!


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