You have a fire-y spirit.  How’s your spirit?  Turn it over to Spirit.Spirit

What exactly is Spirit and how can we align with it to improve our lives?

Spirit is the vibration of God, Source, Creation.  We use the terms Spirit, Soul and Body as a trinity. Another way to describe it would be, Mind, Idea and Expression.   Spirit is Divine Mind, Infinite Source, Creation itself.

Think of it this way.  Spirit is infinite, the realm of infinite possibility, all of creation.  It is the firmament of the world, from which all things come.

Imagine the atmosphere or the vast sky up above.  The next layer down would be the soul – the unending idea of you and me, funneled down once again into the body or the manifest physical form.

Spirit gives us life.  Spirit gives us ideas. Spirit infills our beings and lifts us, carries us, guides us through this life and beyond.

When we stay connected to Spirit (we are always connected, but sometimes we forget), it is as though we are tapped into a greater wisdom and a great life force flow.  By consciously connecting to that which is greater than and yet within, we stay open and responsive.

In Spirit we live and move and have our being and through us, Spirit lives, moves and have expression. T

Take the time today to consciously connect to Spirit, or God, or Source, or Creation and wait upon it.  Wait until you receive.  Receive a subtle energy shift, a surge or impulse or an idea or simply love and peace. 

Use a mantra like a song throughout the day:

                Spirit and I are One,

                Are One, are One, are One

                Spirit and I are One.

As you deeply connect with Spirit notice how your day goes.  Is it a bit easier, lighter or fun even?  You might notice being lighter in your mood or walking just a bit easier through a rough patch.  Either way, connection to Spirit is like being plugged into the outlet of life.

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