Spirit is Space


The Spirit and I are one.  I’m in good spirits. Spirit guides me.Find Spirit in the spaces.

Spirit is the firmament is the Universe. It is that while permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe.

Spirit is another word for God, Source, Creation or the Universe itself.

Spirit is infinite and omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.  All knowing, everywhere present and all powerful.

Spirit is not a form but rather the formless.

Spirit is not a person or person like.  It is closer to the ethers, or the very breath we breathe.
In Spirt we live and move and have our being and through us, Spirit lives and moves and has expressions.

Spirit is the infinite field of quantum physics and of the inner deeper wiser spiritual heart.

When we tap into Spirit and release all thoughts unlike it, we enter the field, the quantum field and the field of the higher heart, also known to some as the kingdom of heaven.

It is our highest intention when we pray or mediate to connect with Spirit, but in truth there is nothing we need to do to connect.

We are Spirit.  We are One, the only thing between us and the full experience of being washed over with Spirit is within our minds.  It is our reasons and beliefs and our unworthiness and lack of trust in the unseen.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths.  Focus for a moment on your body, feeling your feel connect to the ground and earth below.  Breathe into the awareness of your spiritual higher heart.

               Become aware of all the space in your body.  Space between the organs, muscles, bones and tissues.  Space in the cells.  If there is someplace tight in your body, breathe space into it. 

              Feel the spaces being activated with the same qualities that creates the stars.  Feel Spirit with your very being.

             It might be like pinpricks of light or a warm fluid.  Become quickened, inspired and expanded. 

            Stay with this experienced as long as you like and return on a regular basis.

Spirit is all that is and infinite possibilities.  It is where you fin not only, your greatest dreams, but also the impulse to make them come true.

Connect consciously to this invisible power every day and notice what happens in your life.  My guess is you will be happier, healthier, richer and inspired to take authentic action towards your dreams!

In Spirit,

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