You are on a soul’s journey.  In the trinity of Spirit, Soul and Body, the soul is the individualized idea of you, as your infinite potential and absolute goodness.Your Soul is the infinite, unending, Essence of You!

Your soul is eternal and in this lifetime is housed in your body, but not contained by it.

The Soul, your Soul is the aspect of you that was created at the beginning of time, that contains all of your experiences from the past and into the future.  The Soul is where we find our Essence, it can be accessed through the spiritual heart.

We can envision our soul as our higher self or even as our future self., in order to access the wisdom and potential.

Let’s try this:

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Drop your awareness from the thinking mind into your body.  From and through your body feel your feet connected firmly to the ground and the earth beneath it.  Let your awareness go deep into the center of the heart.

     At the very center is the core of the evolutionary spiral.  Drop into the core.  Looking back, you can see to the beginning of time.  Looking forward, you can see to the infinite future.

     Look ahead about 20 years and find your future self, your Soul embodied as a wiser, older, fulfilled self.  See your future self in your mind’s eye, as tall, strong, radiant and happy.  Your future self has completed all the current life lessons and is successful, complete, healthy, wealthy and wise.

     Your future self is awakened ad is the embodiment of Spirit and Love.

     Feel the difference between your current self and your future self, not with judgment but only curiosity.

     Ask what do I need to know to more forward?

     Allow an answer or awareness to be revealed.

     Begin to integrate your Soul and Future self into your present self.  Feel the 20 year time difference growing smaller as you draw your Future self to you. From 20 years, to 10 years, 5 years, 2, 1 and fully integrating into this time and space.

     Notice what you notice.  Give thanks in gratitude and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Your Soul is ever present, not limited by time or space, always accessible for wisdom or guidance.

Get to know your soul as an aspect of you, different from but not separate from your physical expression in this lifetime.

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