One small and simple shift can change your entire life.  Does that sound unrealistic?  Impossible, even?  Well it’s true. How One Simple SHIFT Can Change Everything!

We live our lives in energetic patterns, also known as habit and unconscious reactions and when we become conscious of them, we can change them immediately.

For example, imagine that you are in a conversation that isn’t going well.  Perhaps it’s an argument, or a heated discussion and you aren’t feeling heard or honored or valued.  The first thing to notice is if this feeling is familiar to you.  Does this have a feeling of always or never to it?  If so, that is the biggest indicator that we have stepped into or triggered an automatic response.

Automatic responses are just that, triggers and reactions based on something old and deep, usually a core issue that was initially created at a very early age.

When we are triggered and we slip into automatic reaction, there is no room to do or see or receive anything different.  But, if we can notice that we are in automatic reaction, simply by seeing it, we can stop it.

This is one of the many simple shifts that can change everything.  Think about the last time you were triggered by something, let’s go back to that conversation or argument.  Bring an awareness of the habitual pattern and vibration. Then interrupt it.  Oh wait, stop.  Is this how I really want to be responding consciously?  Can I do it different?  Can I even take an extra breath before I speak?  Will that change something?  Most likely it will.

Ok, so I can, but how do I make that shift, when it’s all unconscious?  Ah, good question.  Look at it this way:  the unconscious is not seen, it is in the dark, so to speak.  When we become aware that something is automatic, or an old reaction, we bring it into the light.  From the light, it can change.

How do you know you are in the old?  It is often a feeling in your body.  A twinge in your belly, a familiar ache or uneasiness, or anger or something.  It happens lots and comes unbidden.  As you begin to pay attention to your body, you can feel it.

What can you shift?  Anything.  We operate so much from the subconscious, and anything there can be shifted.  The key is to get to the core of the issue, to dig deep to the origination of the habit or reaction.  Many of these you can do on your own, but some of the life-long patterns are more quickly dissolved by working with someone.

The SHIFT work that I do, is brilliantly easy, and long lasting.  When we change a belief in the subconscious, it is changed for all time, and does not return.

Here are some examples and simple ways to shift them:

Anger.  Feel it burn.  Stand up and let it flow through your body, feel it burning up and through and know that it is burning up old energy.  Imagine a bonfire in front of you, burning out, seeing the flames turn to ember and the embers fading away.  What is left is wide open space to know what you need to do or say without the emotion.

     Fear.  Feel the fear, let it be activated in your energy field.  Imagine it like a big giant dragon rearing its ugly head behind you.  Let it get as big as you can.  Stand up tall, connect to your center, the earth below and the universe above.  When you are ready, turn around and face this dragon of fear.  As you look at it, see it shrinking from huge, to your size, to the size of a small child.  Keep looking at it and see it shrinking more still, so it fits into your palm.  Give it some love and bring it into your heart.  Breathe into a new sense of freedom and safety. 

     Resistance.  Feel the fight that comes with resistance. Feel all of the muscles in your body, your mind and even your emotions tight and taunt with resistance.  Notice all of the energy it takes to stand in this place.  Now simply drop it.  Drop the weight and tension of resistance.  Imagine holding onto one end of a huge rubber band pulled tightly.  Let go of your end and step aside.    Feel the tension release from your body, mind and soul.

     Shame.  This is a big one that takes on many forms, procrastination, overwhelm, blame, guilt to name a few.  Shame comes over us like a huge wet blanket, heavy and smell.  When you feel it, or something similar, take a moment to acknowledge it.  Just that shift is different for most of us.  We usually try to hide it or make it go away.  This time, look at it.  Name it.  Oh that’s just shame.  Become aware of the heavy blanket that it is.  Feel the weight of it.  Bring the blanket of shame into the light, removing it from your body and placing it there in the light of the world, for all to see.  Shame cannot exist in the light.  Name it, look at it and watch it dissolve right before your eyes.

Can you see and feel how one simple and small shift can change everything?  Try it on the little things as you move through the day.  Try it at the end of the day before you go to sleep.  When you don’t know what to shift or how to do it.  Stand up, shake and shimmy your body and move to the side a few steps.  Notice what happens energetically when you call a shift forward.

Happy Shifting,

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