Give me some peace.  I only want peace in the world!  Go in peace.  Why is peace so amorphous? Seems so unreachable sometimes. Peace...It's never about -out there-.You can find it within.

The famous song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin With Me,” is sung in thousands of new thought churches every week.  This year, there is even a television commercial of the song.

It seems like a lofty goal, given what we see in the world. True peace is not found out there, however.  It is an inside job and there is nothing you have to do to create it.

It’s not created at all, it’s already there, it is discovered.  Our work is to discover peace in the depths of our minds, souls and hearts. The peace that passes understanding is at the center of the universe and of your very own heart.

Complete and total peace is found within our beings.  When we meditate or drop into the file dof our higher self our higher hearts, we touch it.  When we drop beneath our thoughts and emotions to stand in peace, we discover that it permeates and penetrates the very cells of our being.

The peace the passes understanding is that which has nothing to do with anything outer.  It’s a paradox because when you are stressed and worried and only want a bit of peace, it feels unreachable and in fact is very difficult to get to from there.

However, if you can drop the stress and worry, you can land in a field of peace.  It is a conscious shift, as opposed to baby steps.  Landing in the field of peace can be a conscious choice and happens when you let go.  After you land there, it’s possible to bring the cause of the stress and worry into the filed to look at it clearly, to unravel it and to unhook it form your consciousness.

Let’s try it.  Want to?  How much would you love to be in peace, right now?  What are you willing to let go of to be there?

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, focusing on your body. Connect your feet firmly to the ground.  Open your palms and crow to connect with the universe.

                Feel the peace that is sneaking in already.  Let it spread, washing over you like a warm shower.  Now imagine that thing, perhaps it is life itself, that is causing you stress and worry.

See it like a cloud around you.  (Imagine Pig Pen, the Peanuts character, who walks with a cloud around him.)

                Allow your stress and worry to gather up around you heard, like a big dark cloud.  You might feel it heavy on your shoulders.  Just notice it.  Don’t’ judge it or fight it.

                Take a few steps over and find a large column elevator.  Step into it and push the down button.  As the elevator takes you down deep into the center of your heart, the dark cloud stays above.  You can always go back to it if you chose to later.

                Landing at the bottom of the elevator, in the core of your being, step out in the Peace and Light. Find yourself in peace. Filled with a lightness of being, joy even, and a complete and total knowing all is well. 

                Feel the freedom and expansion, the spaciousness of love.  Relax here, bask and dance in peace.

                Now, that things, not the dark cloud, but the thing that caused the dark cloud.  Bring it gently into your awareness.  See it with clarity.

                Perhaps you notice, there is nothing to worry about, or a sense of all is well, or maybe you see a pathway through it, filled with peace leading to peace.

                If there is something you need to know, allow it to come into your awareness.

                Allow the peace to permeate, penetrate every cell of your being, body, mind and spirit.

                Give thanks in gratitude.  When you are ready take a few more deep breaths and open your eyes filled with deep abiding peace.


The more often you practice going to peace, not outside of you, but by dropping into your core, the more peace will permeate your life.

Let Peace Begin with Me – when you are peace-filled you impact the world around you in positive and tangible ways.

Go in peace!

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