Open your heart.  The Truth of life is found in your heart.  The Divinity and Oneness of God is in your heart.  The heart is the crossover point between heaven and earth, between the spiritual and the physical realms.Cosmic Heart Open Heartsl

The heart is created to be the leading organ in or experience with the mind, logic and ego supporting it.  Over the years as we have collectively closed off our hearts and developed our egos, it has gotten turned around.  Now it is time to bring them back into a greater alignment.

In our bodies, we have a physical heart, the organ that pumps our blood and keeps us alive.  Deeper than that is the emotional heart, the realm of emotions, where emotions should flow and move through our experience.  When emotions are not felt fully, they get stuck, creating disease in both the heart and the body.

Deeper still lies the spiritual heart, also known as the higher heart or the field.  When we speak of the heart, it is this place which is both a consciousness and a state of being.

The Spiritual Heart gives us access to the kingdom of God, the quantum field and creation itself.

It is fairly easy to land into the spiritual heart w here you can experience the peace and quiet and even bliss of connection.

It takes more to begin to live there.  To live in and from the spiritual heart you need to clear out the old baggage of unworthiness, anger, fear and resentments, building new neuropathways and new foundational ways of being.

To live here, fully we get to integrate and transcend our egos and minds.

To begin this process, choose love over fear.  Every moment, every thought, every action wthat chooses love, dispels fear.  It is simple, but often not easy.

Let’s enter the spiritual heart.

     Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Focus on your body, feeling your hands and feet, arms and legs, belly and back.  Feel your chest, face and scalp.

     Bring your awareness up into your brain, feeling the texture and quality of your mind. Imagine that your awareness is a laser beam and you can move it at will.

     Bring the laser beam of awareness to the top of your spine.  Draw it down along your spine all the way to your tail bone.

     Draw it back up all the way. Now drop it down once again this time stopping at the erea of the back of your physical heart.

     Become aware of the heart.  Imagine that there is a slide that takes you from this point of awareness into the depths of your heart.  Take it down, sliding through the physical heart, through the layers of the emotional heart and landing in the spiritual heart.

     Find yourself in a sacred space.  Land in love.  Land in spaciousness.  Land in a deep crystalline cave.  Let your soul, sink into a deep familiarity and recognition of a vibration from long, long ago.

     In this cave of your spiritual heart, there is another level to go.  Of to the side, imagine seeing a doorway, look out the door and find yourself on a hill, looking down.  Feel the decision and longing to get to the bottom of the hill.  Go there now, perhaps you walk, or slide, or roll down the hill.

     Landing in the depths of the valley, you have reached your higher heart.  Notice what you notice.  Allow the peace that passes understanding to wash over you.  Feel lighter and brighter.  Notice that there is no stress here at all.  You now know Oneness.

     Let the love pour in and through your being, permeating and penetrating and filling every interspaces in your being.  Bask in love.

     Let it wash over your life, touching and softening the places that are rough or hard, smoothing the places that are tight or restricted, and soothing the places of fear and doubt. 

     Welcome to your higher heart.

     When you are ready, slowly bring your new awareness and consciousness into the present moment, coming back into the cave of your spiritual heart and from there to body awareness.

     Take another deep breath and gently open your eyes.

Every time you enter your heart, it builds awareness and new pathways.  The more often you do it, the more familiar it will become.  The heart is the key to a life of love and flow.   Awakening the spiritual heart will open you to new possibilities in life, love, health and abundance.  Awakening the spiritual heart will open doorways to new ways of being, those which we are called to be!


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