How flexible are you?  Are your muscles flexible?  Can you reach your toes in a downward stretch?  Can you sit cross legged on the floor?  Can you twist your body easily?

These are important questions for the physical body and the also could represent how flexible you are in mind and spirit.Be as FLEXIBLE as a Willow Tree

Mind flexibility show up in being willing to bring a beginner’s mind to a situation. Can you see with fresh eyes?  Are you open to new ideas? Are you closed minded in conversation or are you mind flexible?

Can you consider new ideas with an open curiosity?  When they pop into your mind or if they come from other people?

Are you flexible in spirit or nature?  Going to go and something happens, do you flow with the changes?  Or do you resist them with annoyance and resentment?

Being flexible is not the same thing as being flakey.  Being flexible is a way of being and also a learned skill that comes from letting go of expectations.  Letting go of the way you think it should be or make way and welcome what is.

When you are inflexible life hurts a little more.  Feel into the truth of this statement.  When your body is tight rather than flexible it hurts more.

When your mind is closed and already made up, conversations don’t flow as easily and there is a greater tendency to have hurt feelings or resentments.

When you are flexible in nature or spirit and life gives you twists and turns it is easier to stay centered and grounded grateful and joy-filled.  When you aren’t every little bump hurts.

So let’s take on a mantel of flexibility.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Connect to the earth and the universe.  Drop your awareness into your inner spiritual heart.  Find yourself standing in a beautiful field.

Imagine being a tumbleweed being tossed about in the winds.  Feel the sensations of being bounced and tossed this way and that.

Imagine being a stick in the ground, standing tall and firm, like a fence post, being plummeted by the winds.  Feel the sensations of holding firm against all that comes.

Now imagine being a giant and tall willow tree.  Your roots and deep into the ground anchoring and grounding you.  Your branches are reaching up to the heavens, leaves swinging.  As the will tree, when the winds come, you are flexible and grounded, your trunk sways with the wind, moving to and fro.

The winds create a platform for movement, your branches and leaves dancing.  Loose and moving, yet grounded and secure.

It is the beautiful paradox of non-resistance and flexibility.

Focus on the feelings of the dance of the willow tree, as it moves.  Allow that flexibility to be born in you as a new way of being.

As you practice this week, let your body soften into flexible.  Let your mind open into flexible and allow your spirit to take flexibility as a spiritual practice, as the willow does.

Grounded in truth, centered in Self and flexible in life, you are.  Notice how life flows just a bit easier, how the winds don’t even seem quite a strong standing in the practice of Flexibility.


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