I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly.” (The Nazarene, John 10:10)  I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly!

What is life abundant?  It is life to its fullest in every imaginable way that is good.  Abundance is experienced as a state of being first, a consciousness of knowing and being in gratitude and then as an outer experience.

What I teach abundance, I always remind people that it includes money, but is so much more.  Abundance is good health, loving relationships, a career or vocation that you love and a flow of finances that more than meets your needs.

Abundance is feeling blessed by whatever you have, family, friends, your relationship with Spirit. Abundance can be the experience of doing whatever your heart loves.

I like to lighten up all conversations about abundance by breaking down the word to: “A – Bun – Dance”.  Go ahead, get up off your chair and try it. See how movement can shift energy.
The quickest route to move abundance is being grateful for what you do have.  This puts you into a flow of seeing and being aware of your blessings.

I have always been abundant, although I haven’t always had enough income.  In those times, the more I focused on my good, the quicker more good arrived.

I’ve been given gifts of meals and trips; of tickets to events, clothes and support in so many ways. You have too, if you will only look with new eyes.

Abundance is a vibration of being in alignment with the flow found in good and gratitude.  Abundance is all around us and ever accessible.

For the Universe is an abundance Universe.  Look around and what do you see in nature?  Perhaps leaves on a tree, or grains of sand on the beach?  Look at the birds of the air, the blue of the sky.  In this Universe there is way more than enough for everyone.  That is abundance.

Let’s move into the vibration of abundance.

     Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Connect to your body and the earth.  Move your awareness into the earth.  See our beautiful blue planet as if from above.

     See the plentitude of the oceans, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, forest, redwoods, plains and deserts.

     Look up and see the blue skies, birds soaring, and clouds.  Imagine a night sky with the stars to numerous to count, the planets and in the infinite space.

     Look at your own life.  Where do you see abundance?  Look closely.  Find it in your home, friends, healthy, finances, happiness. 

     Feel abundance in your breath.  Breathe into your muscles, bones, ligaments and tissues.  Become aware of the abundance of cells in your body. 

     Where would you like to have more abundance?  Go to that vibration and turn it on.  Allow it, receive it, become it! 

 Abundance is your birth right.  It is available to you now.  Build a consciousness of abundance through gratitude and awareness.

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In abundance,

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