What Brings You Joy?

JoyThink about this question for a moment:  What brings you joy?  There are the immediate answers and those are great, but allow the question to sink deeper.  What is it really, for you?  Allow the idea of joy to drop deeper.  What are the qualities of being that are present when you are in joy?

Let it bubble and be revealed.  It might surprise you.

I was sitting and contemplating this very amazing process I’ve been in.  I’m sure you know, but it no, I am a contributing author in a brand new #1 International Best Selling book called, “365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul” ***LINK  , and it brings me such joy.  So I began to look deeper to see what I could discover.

Is it because it’s a bestselling book and that’s been one of my dreams?  That’s really awesome, but no that’s not all of it.

Is it because I achieved my dream?  No, again cool, but not the reason for my joy.

I kept looking and landed on the community.  This group of over 200 authors of varying backgrounds all found our way together and developed a deeply supportive, spiritually beneficial community.

For the past few months, we have come together with open hearts and minds to help each other and the collective create this experience which by the way, the experience was so much greater than the book.

People shared their process and stories, open to feedback and input.  Others shared their expertise in any number of workshops and trainings from how to write, FB, twitter, creating a free gift to how to navigate the backend of Amazon.

What I experienced here was the best of people giving generous for a common goal.

And that brings me great joy!  The mutuality, generosity and wisdom of this group process blows my mind into new possibilities for our world!

Diving even deeper still in my search and discovery of what brings me joy, I found connection.  It is connection that brings me joy.

Connection to others, to Spirit, to my greater self!  Where two or more are gathered, there am I.” (Matt 18:20).    The famous quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin comes to mind:  “Joy is the infallible evidence of the presence of God.”

And there you have it.  What brings me joy is the evidence of the presence of God!

What brings you joy?  Follow the thread and see where you end up.  It might be here or it might be another universal truth.  What brings you joy?  Whatever it is, go and do it!  Find it!  Be it today!

Much love and joy!

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