We are home again, settling again into a new place with a new routine and rhythm. This home is in the retirement park in Arizona.  It is a home we purchased last spring and while IMG_20150928_180636328it is home, we haven’t been here enough yet to personalize it or make it truly ours.

I love to travel and I love to come home.  I love the adventure of new and I love the comfort and familiarity of home. And I do love my own bed!

Our lives are so blessed!  I am living the life I love – it is truly amazing and the way it happened was almost an afterthought.  What I mean by that is that we were busy living our lives, doing what opens up for us to do and then we looked around and saw this!  Like oh, wow!  This is exactly what we want!  How cool is that?!  The seeds were planted a long time ago and the harvest is now being reaped.

As much as I love my life, there is often a period of re-entry with each change.  It is as if we travel by plane, land in a city and in a home so incredibly fast and then my soul has to catch up.  Many years ago, I heard a statement that was something like:  Sit your body down and allow your soul to catch up.  For me it is so very true and imperative.

I like a lot of quiet and still time, gently integrating into the time and space around me, sitting, allowing and relaxing.  I don’t want to affirm this, but often when I travel, I get the appearances of being sick.  I came home from Hawaii with a cold.

So between being sick and traveling overnight I found myself wiped out, in need of a few quiet and still days.  So I’m adding in an extra quiet day of rest and renewal.  I am listening more and more to the whispers of my body and (sometimes) heeding its wisdom.

In the work that I do we often enter into different dimensions, where deep healing happens on invisible levels.  If we are wise, we take time to fully integrate, to allow our bodies, minds and spirits time to re-balance, to readjust to a new way of being.  It doesn’t usually take long, but sometimes the shifts are so that it takes more time.

If you have been traveling physically on the planet or spiritually in the invisible realms, perhaps it is time for re-entry, renewal day.  Find the space to sit still and allow all of the recent experiences to flow through your mind, body and heart, settling into a new pattern and way of being.

Be gentle with yourself today!

Much love,


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