Is Your Connection Strong?

We recently had a bad electrical breaker in our home.  It was loos and weak.  The result was loose and weak power.  In fact it was so wobbly that the power in our home kept going off for no apparent reason.

How is your connection to Spirit?  Are you grounded in Spirit with a deep and strong, consistent current?  Or is it perhaps a little wobbly or weak?

A weak or loose connection to Spirit or that inner part of you known as the soul may cause some funky results in life.

Your power may be wobbly, your efforts spotty and inconsistent.  You may be tired, worn down or frustrated.  You may experience lack and limitation.

You might be aware of a disconnect from your center or Source or an inconsistent energy surge and lull.

So what’s the solution? Connect!

Put some awareness on your heart and soul.  Put Spirit first. There are a zillion ways to connect with your soul, you probably know many of them.

In our newly released book, “365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul” there are ideas, examples and exercises to guide you back to a deeper connection.Available Now

Here is one simply way that I often use with my clients.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Walk your awareness down your body from your head to your feet. Taking a few seconds on each area, feeling it and breathing into it.  Bring your awareness to your heart area and breathe into your heart to a count of 4 and exhale to a count of 6.  Do this for 8 – 10 breaths.  Then with your eyes still closed look up to the sun for a new perspective.  Feel the sun pouring in and through you down into the earth. Allow this flow to become the strong, consistent power, grounded into the earth.  Feel your weak breaker becoming strong and solid.

Make the commitment to strengthen your connection by taking a few moments every day focusing on it.  It will change your world.  It will be like replacing a bad breaker and regaining your inner power.

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