How did you do on your 2015 goals?

It’s November already.  How did you do on this year’s goals and dreams?  Did you make progress?  Did you reach all that you desired?  If so – Wonderful! Congratulations!  You are well on your way to living the life you love!


If not, don’t feel bad.  Perhaps you feel like this guy pictured. There are reasons we can’t get past what we can’t get past.  The reasons are often hidden and invisible, but show up in habits and patterns.  Those things that keep showing up over and over again.  Those things that you think you’ve healed and gotten over, but then sneak up in different and subtle ways.  Those things or reasons or excuses that shape shift into overwhelm or procrastination or anxiety or frustration.  Those things that just simply won’t disappear, no matter how hard you try.


You know what I’m talking about.  Would you like to Break Free of them once and for all?  Have you tried enough other ways to finally get it done this time?  Are you truly ready for something different than the same old thing?


There is a way!  But it involves the invisible realm and a guide or facilitator to really dig deep and get down into the roots to pull it out forever and all time.


It’s called the subconscious and it rules our lives.  The challenge lies not in the fact that it is there or that there are some weeds still lurking around; the challenges is in identifying the root, the core, the deepest strand and clearing that one out!


Like in gardening, when you weed, it is easy to get the surface ones, it’s not all that hard to get even the roots of the mid-size weeds.  But those deep ones, with the roots that are big and strong and very deep, those are a bit trickier to get on your own.  You need a tool to remove all of the pesky root.


I have that tool.  You can, indeed, like so many before you, clear it out once and for all, making way for the new to be planted, sprouted, and brought to manifestation.


Are you ready?  It is time?  Do you want to end the year with something spectacular, something that will clear the way to truly coming into your dreams and desires?  Then check out my new program:  Breaking FreeA Four Week Intensive to Releasing Obstacles and Limitations so you can Embrace Your Greatness and Live the Life You Love!



In this program you will identify that one place that you most desire a breakthrough in and dig deep to find the roots of the issue.  We will then dissolve it, with my magical (not really, but fun) weed-killer formula of release and renew.  When there is a space or void created, nature will fill it automatically unless we take action to fill the vacuum with something new and specific.  Removing the weeds, filling the space, transcending the underlying issues makes way for the new!  The new is living, realizing and actualizing the live you love.

In this course you will:

  1. Identify Intention
  2. Release barriers
  3. Embrace the truth
  4. Embody your dream

If you know this is for you – register today!  It’s only $197 a great deal for all the magic that will happen, for the peace that will prevail and the clarity you will gain to move your life into the life of your dreams.



Let’s end the year strong and feeling successful in our goals and dreams together!  There is still time!


much love,

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