Disconnected? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?

Do you ever have times when you get so bogged down in life that you don’t know what to do?  Most of us have those moments.  The quickest and easiest way out of the heaviness of those times is to connect with your Soul.

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Be proactive and order your book today so next time you get down or stuck in life you have new tools.  Just pick up the book, read the daily message or flip through to find the perfect one.

Until then, take a deep breath and focus your awareness on your feet, connecting through your body to the ground below.  Let the tension flow off of you into the ground.  Feel an opening softening the tension.  Keep breathing until you feel a shift.  There will be a spaciousness that allows for a new possibility. Connect to the earth and know that you are part of something so much greater than what is happening in your life.  Allow the energy of the earth to rise up into your feet and bless you.  Pay attention to the quality of the energy you are receiving.

Every time we consciously connect, we interrupt the patterns of not being connected, and can shift the energies.  Play with this idea and see if you can catch the overwhelm before it overwhelms or shift the frustration to action.

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