Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween. IMG_20151031_115628403

Are you a lover of the day?  It’s a day where the veils are thin and anything can happen.  It’s a day of strangeness – of people in costume, of scary things and trick or treat.

Last evening we were out to dinner and a waitress was in costume with her face painted ghouly but subtle.  She was pale with black lips and eyes, I thought what a strange looking woman, then realized she was in costume.

The question for today is one of masks.  What masks are you wearing that you could remove?  Or what mask would you like to put on to better personify who you’d like to be?

So often the masks we wear hid our true self, but what if there was one that highlighted your essence, that opened the space for you to shine as the most authentic you could be?

Let’s try that together. At least for today. Put on a mask of authenticity of brilliance, of magnificence!  Let your true heart shine forth.  What is it you would play with?  Would you be kinder and more loving?  Or perhaps a bad ass, don’t mess with me persona?  Or maybe you’d take on a sense of magic or mystery.  Use this time to play and experiment in your most authentic beingness.

I’m going for a bit more glitz and glam with my princess mask.  My husband has grabbed a clown nose and freeing his goofy self.

Try on a new sense of Being, you just might like it.

Happy Halloween!

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