Finding the Still Point (Or Life as a Merry-go-Round)


Do you remember the old metal merry-go-rounds that were found in city parks?  Kids would get on them and spin and spin and spin.  Sometimes spinning so long zipline_merry-go-roundand fast that when the spinning stopped they would fall down, or the world would keep spinning.

Life can often be like that merry-go-round, spinning so fast that you find your self dizzy and even when you step off the ride to take a break, you continue to spin.  If your life is like that right now, take heart – there is an antidote.

If you recall, the closer to the edge that you are, the greater the spin experience and the closer you are to center the less the spin.

In your life the same is true.  The closer you are to the edge, the greater the spin.  Now while that might be fun for entertainment or for a ride or two, it is generally not an effective way to live over time.

The edge can be many things like stress, overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, anger or fear.  It can be a time or energy challenge with not enough of either at the end of the day.  It can be event triggered, like grief of a particular issue.  It can be money based or relationship driven.

Feel into your edge and imagine holding on for dear life as you hang off the end of the merry-go-round that won’t stop.

But, come to center and the spin become almost nothing at all.  There is still some movement, but it loses its frantic, chaotic, stressed feeling.

Come to center.  Take a breath.  Feel your feet standing firmly on the ground.  Find your heart and breathe into it.  Drop the hot potato of the day in your thinking – let it go.  Put your hand and attention on your heart and become fully aware of it, this amazing organ that beats non-stop from your first breath to your last. Imagine your own heartbeat finding and harmonizing with the heartbeat of the Universe.  Relax, drop your shoulders and feel the beat.  Let it be music to your soul, food for your spirit.

The more you can focus here the better you will b in dropping the spin of the mind.  Bask with your heartbeat for a few moments, or as long as you can.  Imagine being in a forest or on a beach; at a river or lake; at peace in wonder, awe and gratitude for all that is.

Bring the gratitude into your body when it is time and then into your life at the moment.

Take another deep cleansing breathe or two.  I am Peace.  I am centered and I am ready for this moment.

You can do this in moments during the day. Returning to center revitalizes you, puts priorities in perspective and can bring grace to your day.

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