Choose Love

There has been another shooting in a school.  It is horrendous – I can’t even believe that they continue to happen.  I question our world.  I question the thought process of the people who do things like that.  I question the easy availability of guns.  I heard this was the 45th shooting at a school this year.  This Year!  What – we aren’t even at 45 weeks into the year.  How can this even be? Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

I have no answers.  There was a Facebook posting going around today that simply said:  I don’t know.  I resonate.  I don’t know.  I don’t have answers, only more questions. But I know that the only thing I can do is love.  Love – Love – Holding each of the 13 killed, who lost their lives, the family and friends who lost loved ones – the family of the shooter.  Can we let love win?

Can we rise in love – surrounding the system, the schools and all people in love?  There may be another way – there may be an answer, but I’m not seeing it.  If it’s there, love will show us the way.

I’s easy to get sidetracked into fear, grief, worry, and despair even, but how does that serve? If we can rise up to imagine love to Be love, to send love – it lifts not only us Choose lovebut the world.  There is so much happening, cosmically and astrologically and in consciousness.

If perhaps we are in a split, a paradigm shift – separating the egg yolk from the whites, the wheat from the chaff – separating love from anger, violence and lack, – we have to hold the high watch.  We have to hold the line for Love.  Can you maintain our own love?  Because if you can and if we can collectively it might make an impact.

But if you can’t or I can’t or we can’t stay in the field of love in the face of our world, we won’t be an impact we will be feeding the fear and craziness.  It comes down to a moment by moment choice: love or fear.  It comes down to a daily spiritual practice that builds the muscles and pathways of choosing love over fear again and again.  The more we love the more the field deepens.

Choose love.  Then get up and do what is yours to do in love.  Lay down fear, step over it, sneak below it, get around it – do whatever it takes to stay in love and out of fear.  Every day, every moment you remember and its power will be diminished.  It is the way, very simple yet, not easy in the practice.

Love those people who were impacted.  Love the field of schools and ids and parents and gun advocates.  Love the government (like you love a toddler who is acting out).  Become one with love so it is never separate from you again.

Love will lead the way, love will prevail. Love will Be all that is, at the end of the day.

Choose love.

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