Are You Excited?

I love to be excited.  I love the feeling that comes, for me it is a bit tingly,excited sometimes even almost jittery.  It feels expectant, filled with possibilities and vibrantly alive.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Recently, I learned otherwise.  I heard a new take on the vibration of excitement.

Excitement is a close cousin to lack.  If we are excited for something to happen or excited to receive something it is actually an energy vibration of wanting which is always future based and often will with lack.

I teach this and yet this is a new twist.  Wanting.  Follow this slippery trail as an example:  I want, leads to I wish I had; which leads to, I don’t have; which comes from a place or energy vibration of lack.

On the other hand.  Claiming something from the vibration of already having it keeps the focus on what you desire rather than what you don’t have.

For example, let’s say that you would love $1000 extra this week.  When we hang out in “I would love $1000 extra this week” I keep my mind open to receive not only the ideas, leads, questions, but also ultimately the money. It is expansive and open with an expectancy that is loose and vitally alive.

If you already had $1000 extra this week and you were going to the bank. You wouldn’t be excited about that.  It is already yours.  You might feel happy, grateful or blessed, but it wouldn’t probably be excitement.

My friend and colleague Mary Morrissey teaches in the Prosperity Plus II program that the feeling of excitement is really a wavelength of lack.  When you know it’s yours, whatever it is; there is an acceptance.  Excitement, is lack…  When we find ourselves starting to get excited, it begins to create a rattle, a negative wavelength, a negative polarity that has a push away vibration to it.  I’m not it.  It The universe gives me not what I want, but what I am.

When we become energetically that which we desire, there is no other possibility than for the thing desired to manifest.  For creation gives exactly what we are vibrationally, not what we want to be or have.    When we become that which we desire, as in:  “I am the woman who receives an extra $1000 this week” or “I’m so happy and grateful now that I have received an extra $1000 this week,” it open space for the possibilities.

When we get excited about those possibilities happening, there is space for a contraction, a negative rattle like, “oh, what if it doesn’t happen,” or “I sure hope it happens,” which are both contracting energies.

Be thrilled for your life. Be grateful for all that you have and all that you desire.  Watch the places that you get excited.  See if there is a polarity or push away energy there.  Look for yourself and if you see it, catch it!  Genevieve Behrend in Your Invisible Power, says, “to keep my mind poised and free from excitement was my greatest effort.”

Even as I am writing this, I’m excited.  I’m excited and looking forward to a wonderful and great vacation that I’m taking next week.  Does that excitement hold a polarity or negative wavelength to it?  No, it doesn’t, but it also doesn’t have that jittery feeling that I described earlier.

I’m also excited that we showed our home twice this morning.  In this excitement, I can feel the “push away” vibration that Mary talks about.  What if I simply knew that the house has sold and I have a generous offer, a qualified contract and a grace-filled closing.  No excitement there, only gratitude.

Can you feel the difference?  Play with it in your life and awareness.  Begin to pay attention, especially in the arenas of your dreams, desires and goals. Hold your mind steady in acceptance and gratitude for that which you desire.   Claim it as yours and receive it.  Simple and clean.


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