Is the World Crazy – or Am I?

There is something happening in the world right now that feels even crazier than the past.  CrazyThe fires, flood and droughts; tornadoes and earthquakes.  The political scene with the candidates and issues getting more and more crazy.  Religious rights mixed in with job descriptions, discrimination and civil rights.

It’s like a horror movie with all the pain and suffering, dis-ease and even death.  It’s all flying around us at lightning speed.  Our media is crazed and even those of us who are on the awakening path are being stretched and pulling in our skins and in our beliefs.

What is happening and how do we reconcile it with our spiritual belief that God is good – all the time; that we are here to have life and have it abundantly; that joy and happiness are our birthright.

Life on planet earth is so messy right now.  I’ve been sitting in the question what’s it all about and why are we here anyway?  Many of my colleagues are asking these and similar questions.

Why are we here anyway?  What’s it all about?  And why is the world so difficult?

I have an answer, very clear and concise, not to be questioned, spoken with utmost authority.  Are you ready?  I have no clue.  That’s it, my final answer.

I do have thoughts though…   I do believe that we are in an ever evolving universe, that we are co-creators of the life we see, that God is Good; and that we are in a polarity stretch.  As we awaken as a humanity, as we prepare to make a quantum shift back into the realization, remembrance and reconciliation of our Oneness, all that is unlike Oneness and Love has to come to the surface.

It’s sort of like deep cleaning.  You have pull out all the stuff and that makes a mess, in order to do a deep cleansing and clearing.  We are in the “creating more mess, before the clean house appears” stage.  The cobwebs, and dust, the old “stuff” packaged up in boxes that we haven’t looked at in eons, but still carry around with us are being unpacked.  And it’s messy.

We, who are truly awakening and on the spiritual path have to clean up our own consciousness too.  We have to eliminate and transcend fear and anger, guilt and blame, unworthiness and injustice.  All the things we pack around and don’t even know it; have to come to the surface to be cleansed and healed.  That’s what’s happening on the planet in every arena possible.

In the science of evolution chaos is the precursor to creation.  There is always something that is the catalyst for something new to be birthed.  In this case we are birthing a new humanity – one that knows our Oneness, our connectedness; one that honors and respects each other and the planet herself.  It is coming and it is both a quantum leap and a process.

Even when we leap into a new consciousness, there is still the work of cleaning up the old.  We are in the process of moving to a new home – letting go of the old.  And most likely we will take things we no longer need with us.  As we settle into a new space, literally and figuratively, spiritually, emotionally and mentally; we will unpack what we brought with us and hopefully, release that which no longer serves our highest good in the new place, new consciousness, and new way of being.

How do we do it more gracefully?

It’s simple actually, but not necessarily easy.  What I’m going to tell you is a reminder, you have heard it before and have forgotten to practice it.

Seek first the kingdom of heaven.  Simply put, in our new interpretation this means, finding the way to center yourself, get yourself into the field of your higher heart, come into the experience of Oneness, if only for a moment at a time.  Stay there as long as possible, and begin the work of letting all that is unlike Love enter into the field for healing.

There are many techniques, tools and paths to healing, but here is a simple one:

Drop your awareness from your head and the outer appearance of whatever has grabbed your attention down into your body, through your hips and your feet. Connect with the ground and Mother Earth.  Breathe into your connectedness with our beloved planet.  Look up to the sky, to the sun and connect with that which is greater than you – spirit, source, creation, the universe keep it simply with the sun.  Breathing into the sun, and the planet, feel yourself greater than you think you are.  Not as in ego greater, but as in a soul that is part of something so much grander than your particular life situation. 

Bring your attention to your heart and place your hands there.  Breathing into your heart of hearts, notice that your body begins to relax, your mind quiet and your heart open.  This is the place of the field.  Now very gently, begin to bring into the love=light of the field, an awareness of something else.  Anger, fear, concern… just allow it to come to you.  Notice it and allow it; accept it for what it is.  Perhaps it has a message for you or has been trying to protect you.  Love it, embrace it and begin to integrate it into your heart, into the love-light of Spirit.  Stay with it until the energy changes, embracing, accepting, allowing and transcending. 

Now bring into this field a Truth – allow it to be received from your heart, a statement, an “I am”, an idea something that replaces that which was transcended.  I am Free.  I am Love.  I am Peace.  Let it permeate and penetrate your being, all aspects of you from the bottom of your feet to the tips of your fingers and the top of your head.  Let it integrate through all aspects of your being, consciousness, time and dimensions.  Claim it as it is true.  And so it is.

Take a few more deep breathes and try on this new consciousness.  Bring it gently into the places that you were troubled moments ago and see if you can feel it differently.

If we are here to wake up to our Divinity and Oneness, this is the path.  From this field, we will be guided and directed the steps to take the words to speak.  From this place of heaven on earth, you will walk in peace and peace will pervade from you, as you and through you.

This world is a crazy place and you are being called to discover your true Self, peace and quietness in the midst of it.

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